HeroX has a Self Replicating Robot Challenge

Fraser Cain of Universe Today is now Product Manager at HeroX

As an example, Fraser Cain created a self-replicating robot challenge.

Self Replicating Robot Challenge

Fraser Cain, Product Manager for HeroX.

I’m a big fan of robots, but building robots is hard.
You need a lot of tools, you get grease on your hands. There’s reading involved.

Robots are here to do hard work right? So I believe building robots is a job for robots.

I’m challenging all you robot builders to solve this problem.

I want to see a robot copy itself from raw materials. Then those two robots get together and make a third robot, and so on, and so on.

Crafting a robot capable of making another robot is a difficult task. I’m game to make it worth your while.

I’m offering a crisp Canadian $100 bill to the first one across the finish line.

This won’t necessarily be enough money to encourage robot creators around the globe, despite the massive bragging rights that go along with it.

And maybe you’re watching this thinking “Hey, I love robots too! Yet I have no idea how to build them”.

And so it’s also you I’m calling upon. You and all other future thinking people to join me and pledge to make this a reality.

Let’s make an X-Prize, but for robots.

HeroX will give away $1000 for the 10 best challenge ideas submitted to their site

Participate in the ImagineX Challenge for your chance to win one of ten $1000 prizes, just by answering the question, “What challenges in the world would you solve?”

The ImagineX Challenge is sponsored by HeroX, the world’s problem-solving platform.

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