Some details on Japan’s Flagship 2020 Exaflop Supercomputer project

Fujitsu and the Riken research center have been chosen to develop an exascale supercomputer, which at 1,000 petaflops would be about 30 times faster than the leading supercomputer today. The Riken Advanced Institute for Computational Science did not specify a performance speed or other characteristics of the machine, which it is calling the FLAGSHIP 2020 Project. However, planning documents (9 pages) suggest using over 10 million CPU cores and reaching 1 exaflop. The machine is planned for April, 2021.

The basic design will be carried out based on the concept of “co-design”, an approach under which system design and applications are developed collaboratively.

The new flagship computer will be used to work on innovative solutions to current scientific and social issues.

SOURCES : Ministry of Education (MEXT), Riken, HPCWire

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