India nearing completion of a Predator Drone copy and a stealth bomber drone

Rustom-2 is an unmanned combat air vehicle (UCAV) developed by India on the lines of the American Predator drones. Various reports indicate the Rustom-2 has been flying since 2014. US Predator drones first file in 1994 and in service by 1995.

The AURA will be a stealth UCAV, capable of releasing missiles, bombs and precision-guided munitions. India’s combat drone would be a stealthy flying-wing concept aircraft with internal weapons and a turbofan engine. The UCAV’s design is similar to Northrop Grumman’s B-2 Spirit.

The AURA will cruise at medium altitude and will be capable of carrying two or more guided strike weapons with on-board sensors for targeting and weapon guidance. The flight control system and data link packages of Aura (unmanned combat aerial vehicle) will be designed and developed jointly by ADA and Defence Electronic Application Laboratory.

The AURA first flight is expected to be 2015-2016 and it should be introduced in 2018-2020.