Innovations from Three Russian Prototype Tanks and T95 were merged into the Armata Tank Design

Object 477, Object 775, and Object-640 (Black Eagle) were three experimental Russian-built tanks that never went into mass production. Nevertheless, the unique innovations used in them form the basis for development of the Russian army’s modern combat vehicle – the Armata Universal Combat Platform.

* Object-477 Molot (Hammer). Mid-80s design. Had an unmanned turret and a 152-mm cannon.
* Object-775. Did not fire conventional tank shells but had a 125-mm missile launcher. Had a hydro-pneumatic suspension that kept it low to the ground. 1960s design
* Object 640 – Chyorniy Orel (Black Eagle). Mid-90s design that had modular armour and the “Cactus” dynamic protection system

Object 640

Object 775

T-95 is the common informal designation of a Russian fourth generation tank that was under development at Uralvagonzavod before being cancelled in May 2010.

T95 Tank

The “Armata” Universal Combat Platform is a Russian prototype of an advanced next generation heavy military tracked vehicle platform. The “Armata” platform is intended to be the basis for a main battle tank, a heavy infantry fighting vehicle, a combat engineering vehicle, an armoured recovery vehicle, a heavy armoured personnel carrier, a tank support combat vehicle and several types of self-propelled artillery under the same codename based on the same chassis. It is also intended to serve as the basis for artillery, air defense, and NBC defense systems.

The first 24 vehicles of two different types are expected to be shown to the public in the 2015 Moscow Victory Day Parade with a batch of 32 to be delivered to the Russian Land Forces during the same yea

20 Armata units have been manufactured and issued to troops for practical training.

Armata tanks have been included in Russia’s 2015 defence order, with 2,300 to be ultimately deployed over several years.

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