Are wearable electronics jumping the shark with CH4 Fart measuring device ?

There is a kickstarter for a new wearable device that measures your farts and tells you what foods to avoid.

Farts are almost always a result of your food intake. As you digest food, gases such as hydrogen, methane, and carbon dioxide collect in your intestines. If you could you keep track of your farts vs. the type of food you are consuming, you would know what foods to avoid and fix the problem. CH4 does exactly that!

CH4 is very simple to use: you turn the device on and put it in your back pocket or attach it to the back of your belt. Then, in the CH4 phone app, you keep track of your meals.

The app automatically tracks your gases and recommends changes to your diet that will eliminate them.

If the $180,000 Kickstarter is funded then the first devices will be $120 each.

CH4 from Rodrigo Narciso on Vimeo.

SOURCE – CH4, kickstarter, vimeo