Private US company Xpresswest and Chinese partner say they will start building a high speed rail from Los Angeles to Vegas Sept 2016

China Railway International USA CO., LTD. and XpressWest have agreed to form a joint venture that will accelerate the launch of the XpressWest rail project connecting Las Vegas, Nevada to Los Angeles, California (the “Southwest Rail Network”). The Project will develop, finance, build and operate the Southwest Rail Network, with stations in Las Vegas, Nevada, Victorville, California, and Palmdale, California, and service throughout Los Angeles. The decision to form a joint venture is the culmination of years of work and builds uponthe significant accomplishments of XpressWest.

Supported by $100 Million in initial capital, this new high-speed rail line (approximately 370 km(s) in length) will create new technology, manufacturing, and construction jobs throughout the interstate corridor and will connect Southern Nevada and Southern California which will drive new economic development and grow the tourism industry which is vital to the economy of the region. The Project will serve as a model of international cooperation and will firmly establish a United States-based high-speed rail industry that will result in significant job creation throughout the Southwest with construction planned to commence as early as September 2016. The Project will immediately undertake all necessary regulatory and commercial activities to advance the reality of regional high-speed rail in the United States. Implementation will begin within the next 100 days.

This is the Desert Express high speed rail line

XpressWest (formerly known as DesertXpress), is intended to improve transit times between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, which has no passenger rail connection. The cost of the initial segment is estimated at between $4bn and $5bn, with trains travelling up to 150 mph (240 km/h) making the 186 mi (299 km) journey in around 84 minutes. The route is not planned to be extended directly to Los Angeles, although there is a further proposal to have it extended as far as Palmdale, where it would interchange with the CHSR network.

The 185-mile link between Las Vegas and Victorville is designed to be double-tracked which is dedicated for the high-speed trains. The costs of this section is estimated at $6.9 billion.

The future phases of the project include a link between Las Vegas and Phoenix, Arizona. Another link will be from Las Vegas to Salt Lake City, Utah and terminated in Denver, Colorado. The project was subsequently rebranded to XpressWest to reflect the expanded mission

XpressWest will utilize fully electric, next generation 150 MPH high speed trains that will deliver passengers to Las Vegas in 80 minutes with non-stop service every 20 minutes during peak times and up to every 12 minutes as demand requires

With an average round trip fare of $89, XpressWest will generate enough revenue to pay for its own operating and capital costs.

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