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robotsChina Bank branch in Shanghai run by smiling robots

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China Construction Bank opens a branch in Shanghai run by ‘smiling’ robots. China Construction Bank (CCB), the nation’s second largest lender by assets, opened one in Shanghai this week, run by pure technology including facial recognition (FR), artificial intelligent (AI) …

entertainmentNew Star Wars Han Solo trailer

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Watch the new trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story and see it in theaters May 25.

entertainmentGiles Walker Pole Dancing Robots have been around for about ten years

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Pictures and videos of the pole dancing robots resurface online occasionally. They are in the news again because a strip club near the CES 2018 had them. Giles Walker hires them out to tech conferences, festivals, and other events. They …

China three year nationwide AI action plan - smart carsChina three year nationwide AI action plan – smart cars, factories, robots, drones, homes and more

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All levels of China’s government and all Chinese industries will work together on a three year Artificial Intelligence action plan. It is the top leadership’s vision for a new Chinese economy in the age of AI. China aims to mass-produce …

armyRussia buying more ground combat robots

The Russian army plans to buy the combat robot Nerekhta, said Colonel Oleg Pomazuev, head of the department of innovation research at the Main Directorate of Research Activities (GU NID) of the Ministry of Defense. Three modules were developed for …

robotsUSA versus Japan with 12 ton 430 horse power Giant robots

USA Eagle Prime is taking on Japan’s Suidobashi megabot. MegaBots, Inc (USA) and Suidobashi Heavy Industry (Japan) have spent the past two years preparing real-life Giant Fighting Robots for a science-fiction inspired BATTLE OF THE CENTURY! The GIANT ROBOT DUEL …

futurePacific Rim Uprising

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Pacific Rim Uprising is the sequel to the 2013 film ‘Pacific Rim’. Guillermo del Toro directed the first one. The movie was giant mechs (Jaegers) fighting giant alien monsters (Kaijus). Steven S. DeKnight who directs Marvel’s Netflix Daredevil and some …

robotsRobotic actuator three time stronger than natural muscle made

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Columbia University researchers have made a self-contained soft actuator three times stronger than natural muscle, without the need of externals, signals a breakthrough in soft robotics. Researchers at Columbia Engineering have solved a long-standing issue in the creation of untethered …

dronesUS Navy wants bigger and more capable unmanned drone ships for future navy

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Adm. John Richardson, the chief of naval operations, says the US Navy could get closer to the 350 ship target faster by counting unmanned vessels with capabilities similar to a manned ship— a new twist on the definition of a …

futureNew James Cameron written Terminator trilogy and four Avatar sequels

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Four Avatar Sequels The Avatar sequels will be shot two batches of two movies shot back to back. Avatar 2 Dec 2020 Avatar 3 Dec 2021 Avatar 4 2024 Avatar 5 2025 James Cameron discussed Virtual Reality. He feels current …