Geocosmo detects intermittent magnetic and ground temperature signals 2-3 weeks before large earthquakes #gsummit

Using advanced sensors and algorithms GeoCosmo and its partners have successfully forecast twenty earthquakes in both North and South America.

Up to seven days in advance.

The existing “Early Warning System” is nothing more than an “announcing system” for earthquakes that are already underway.

Here is a display from the presentation Geocosmo had at the Singularity University Global Summit.

Thermal temperature signals were seen in the week before the Italian quake when Russia’s reviewed data from their satellite monitoring.

Open Source Software and Sensor Design Project
Move our baseline software and sensor designs to the highest heights with perpetual improvements.

Cellphone Sensor Project
Most contemporary cellphones contain a three axis magnetometer. With the GeoCosmo cellular app installed they become a very powerful tool for earthquake forecasting. The app is architected to send one or two lightweight bursts of data per day for low data cost.

Work with us to move our app throughout the world. Our goal is to have one billion cellphone magnetometers in the most seismic regions of the world.