US Army mounting combat lasers ranging from 2 kiloWatts to 60 kiloWatts on different sized trucks

The US Army has already experimented with a 10-kilowatt laser on a heavy truck, Boeing’s High Energy Laser – Mobile Demonstrator (HEL-MD), which could shoot down mortar rounds in flight. Lockheed is scaling up the truck-mounted laser to 60 kiloWatts, Boeing has scaled its laser down to 2 kW: still powerful enough to shoot down small drones, compact enough to fit in the Army’s eight-wheel-drive Stryker armored vehicle. (This Stryker also mounts radio jammers to scramble drones’ control links). Boeing is upgrading the Stryker mounted laser to 5 kilowatts for testing early in 2017.

8 wheel Stryker with 5 kilowatt laser

Lockheed is upgrading the 10 kiloWatts laser on this large truck to 60 kiloWatts

Liveuamap has pictures of the Stryker with 5 kilowatt laser, which will test in January 2017

SOURCES- Breaking Defense, Liveuamap, Youtube