AMD APU roadmap to 7 nanometers in 2019

The following are the leaked AMD codenames that are part of the Avian APU roadmap:

Gray Hawk: 7nm APU based on Zen+ architecture.
Snowy Owl: 14nm APU based on Naples.
Horned Owl: 14nm APU based on Zen cores, will succeed Raven Ridge.
Banded Kestrel: 14nm APU, roughly half of Horned Owl.

Horned Owl and Banded Kestrel are both part of the mainstream APU roadmap and will be built on the 14nm FinFET process from GlobalFoundries/Samsung. Horned Owl is the mainstream portion that will be succeeding the Raven Ridge platform

Snowy Owl is a server class APU based on a cut down version of the Naples processor, which is itself based on the Zeppelin die.

The Gray Hawk APU will be the next-next generation APU built on the 7nm process and will be rocking the Zen+ architecture. This uArch is the successor to the upcoming Zen architecture and will be manufactured on either TSMC’s or GloFo’s 7nm process.