Nextbigfuture comment system change

Nextbigfuture will change the comment system from Solid Opinion to regular WordPress comments. Solid Opinion comments have been archived up to about yesterday. The comment system will be changed and then the archive will be loaded. There could be some delay in restoring the archive of comments.

Thanks for your patience and support.

44 thoughts on “Nextbigfuture comment system change”

  1. Honestly, I preferred the comments over the main pop-science content of this site. Until Brian institutes a decent commenting tool soon, the site is done. He is starting to get this, right?

  2. Can’t edit. Can’t post pics. No notifications of up or down votes, nor replies.

    Somehow I’m not feeling the love…

  3. I was able to “Subscribe to Blog via Email” but got no confirming email. I do get notices of new main posts, however. The “Subscribe” button just to the right above seems totally dead, other than dropdown choice of my or all comments. Firefox. Thanx!

  4. Wait, I don’t get it.
    I can comment on the original article by using my name and email, but if I want to reply to someone else’s comment I need a password. Which password?

  5. Brian, you get what you “pay” for. With SO the site was trading speed for flexibility and user friendliness. Even though it’s only been a few days I’m not seeing those big comments by Goat Guy anymore which were a big plus. I’ve tried using the site a bit but it’s a big pain to use and without any reasonable comments the content loses a lot of value.

    • Hi

      I have emailed with Goatguy. He had told me about solidopinion issues. Goatguy will be commenting again soon


  6. OK, this is probably going to be a real pain: My 8 year old son has already created a wordpress profile using MY email address. Going to have to talk to him about that…

  7. Why can’t I do page breaks? Oh, wait, now I can again.

    And, yes, I’m having to enter my name every time, even though my browser autofills that for other sites.

    So far this isn’t just WordPress. It’s broken WordPress.

  8. Can’t down vote unless you are already logged in. But there isn’t any means of logging in.

  9. I was not able to use solid opinion in firefox ( could not login somehow – in chrome it was ok, but my browser of choice is firefox). while it was good not to waste time commenting 😉 but then sometimes it’s ok to share some thoughts. So I think new system is easier to use and there could be more comments.

  10. Without “Points” maybe it will encourage people to Like more generously.

    But what about all the Points that I had been hoarding? It said something like ‘You have 465 points.’ I don’t know what I did to get them. But, I only saw those Points at this site. So now they’re gone I guess. Maybe the same thing will happen to our savings in the bank that happened to our Points. Poof.

    • Warren never paid to get you banned. SO banned you entirely based upon their own rules about SO point levels. Please get your facts straight.

      • Developers told me solidopinion was slowing down the site. Solid opinion gave a share of an ad. No comment specific ads now.

        • Sure it was slowing the site down.
          Still reverting back to early 2000s style of commenting is not a viable solution.

        • It certainly was slowing the site down, I’ll give you that. I’ve got a 50MB/S connection, and SolidOpinion would take 5-10 seconds to load. It was almost all latency on their end, so far as I could tell.

          But, WordPress? That sucks.

    • For me, not having your personal account/nickname with a password is a step backwards.

      Probably won’t stop me from posting, but it will certainly make the work of trolls easier.

    • There were quite a few complaints about solid opinion and about system speed related to solid opinion. What is the other comment system option that people prefer ? Disqus ? something else?

      • Something that remembers your account name, and a way to see threaded conversations would be good. (For instance, I’m replying to brian’s post of 7:47 pm, but it will be shown above his post).

        Other than that I don’t care. Solid had some issues too. A minor one for me was that I was perennially 450 points away from the next level, no matter how many points I made.

      • What is the other comment system option that people prefer ? Disqus ? something else?

        Personally, I prefer Disqus. But anything with nested comments and personal nicks with password will do.

        • I preferred Disqus too. Never understood the change on NBF from Disqus to SolidOpinion. Although the new one is clean and simple, I never have thought that a regular WordPress comment system would be so good, (after some search I think it is the De:comments plugin). But I miss the edit & delete functions of Disqus.

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