Tom Baker returns to Dr Who to complete lost episode

The Fourth Dr Who, Tom Baker, returns to film new footage to complete Shada, an episode that was abandoned due to a BBC strike.

Baker last appeared as the Doctor in 1981, when the character regenerated and the role was taken over by Peter Davison.

Seven hours of filming was in the can for an episode called Shada, which was intended to be the celebratory end to the 17th series of Doctor Who and was written by the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy author, Douglas Adams.

The corporation’s commercial arm BBC Worldwide has pieced the scenes together and, using the original scripts, filled in the gaps by creating animated versions of the characters, voiced by the original actors.

Baker appears in new, live-action footage of the Doctor as an old man. The producers used 1970s TV cameras and the original Tardis set and K9 robot dog model to make it look part of the original lost episode.