Recap of the C2 Montreal Conference

Nextbigfuture covered the C2 Montreal conference this past May 23-25, 2018.

My overall impression is that C2 Montreal is a useful and informative conference with unique entertainment woven into the experience. They had a solid set of speakers for Artificial Intelligence and some blockchain. There was also marketing talks and AR/VR demonstrations. They had some other technology and media talks as well. C2 does deliver on a fusion of entertainment and technology.

Highlights of C2 talks and interviews

I was able to interview the CEO of General Fusion and found out that General Fusion is raising funds for a major advance in nuclear fusion by 2023. The 5-year demonstration project will prove out the capability to generate electricity and the viability of their magnetized target fusion approach for commercial power. The follow up to the demonstration reactor will be a full up commercial reactor which if all goes will the commercial system could be operational by 2028.

I had an informative talk with Kim Cope who was involved in developing cryptokitties

I interviewed Skylar Tibbits of the MIT self-assembly lab which is doing interesting work developing useful capabilities in creating robotics without robotics but only using material properties.

I interviewed the head of Cellink who are making advances in 3D bioprinting.

Dubai futurist provided insight into the Museum of the future and Dubai Blockchain efforts.

Nice venue, free water and upleveled tea and upleveled coffee

They did provide free still and sparkling water on tap, as well as a variety of tea and coffee.

The C2 venue was pretty good for an interesting experience.

Montreal is a great place to have any conference or event.