US Marines want armored robot recon by 2023

The US Marines want an armored robotic scout vehicle that can launch a UAS (Unmanned Aerial System), scout deep, and then use precision fires and electronic warfare.

Wishlist but not all of this equipment has to fit on one vehicle.

* the ability to operate for extended periods with minimal resupply, part of the emerging Army and Marine Corps focus on “distributed operations” where units disperse and keep on the move to avoid presenting easy targets for precision strikes.
* better amphibious performance than the current LAV while remaining as easy to transport on landing craft (four vehicles per LCAC hovercraft).
* an arsenal of medium-caliber automatic cannon (e.g. 30 mm) for lightly armored targets, anti-armor firepower for heavy tanks, long-range missiles (the Israeli Spike) or kamikaze drones (Switchblade) for targets over the horizon, and some means to shoot down enemy drones. (The systems in parentheses were listed in the industry day briefings as examples, not mandates).
* advanced long-range sensors and a secure communications network to share the data they collect, even in the face of enemy jamming and hacking.
* electronic warfare capability to detect, classify, and jam enemy transmissions, to include downing drones by scrambling their control links.
* Active Protection Systems, like the Israeli Trophy APS now being studied by the Army, to shoot down incoming anti-tank warheads before they hit, as well as unspecified counter-IED (Improvised Explosive Device) defenses.
* passenger capacity for scouts who can dismount and fight on foot (the current LAV carries six, but the number for ARV is not yet fixed).