economic impactMomentus Water-Plasma Space Transportation Service #SpaceAccess2019

Momentus Space's Water-Plasma Propelled In-Space Transportation Services. Vigoride Extended will be able to take 200 kilogram from low-earth orbit to lunar orbit. It could take 300 kilograms from low-earth orbit to GEO. The cost would be $100,000/kg.

future weaponsNext Gen Tiltrotor Much Faster than Helicopters and Will Fly Unmanned

The Tiltrotor Bell Valor V280 tiltrotor is now 55% faster than the maximum speed of the Blackhawk helicopter. The V280 is competing to replace helicopters as part of the Future Lift program. The Army wants it to be able to …

3d printingAerojet Rocketdyne Makes Progress on Next Generation Engine Using 3-D Printed Parts

Aerojet Rocketdyne has successfully completed initial testing of a nearly flight-weight and production-ready configuration of its next-generation RL10C-X upper-stage rocket engine that contains major components produced with the company’s industry-leading 3-D printing technology. The successful series of tests confirmed that …

air forceSpaceX Falcon Heavy Core Might Still Be Reusable

Elon Musk indicates that the Falcon Heavy central core booster’s engines could be recovered and reused pending inspection.

futureChina Tests of Railgun on Tank Landing Ship

Medium voltage (about 12000 volt) DC power distribution that is reliable and affordable is the key to having the power for futuristic technology like railguns and electromagnetic launchers.