China’s Official CGI of Super Aircraft carrier that will match US carriers around 2025

China has released CGI imagery of the Type 003 super aircraft carrier with catapult launching for fighters.

The Type 003 aircraft carrier is a planned third generation nuclear-powered aircraft carrier design that will displace about 110,000 tons and pretty much match the new US Gerald Ford supercarriers.

Like the Type 002, it will have an integrated electric propulsion system. It will have electromagnetic launch catapults similar to the US Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System (EMALS).

The second Chinese-designed aircraft carrier, known as Type 002, is to be an entirely different design than Types 001 (Liaoning) It will have a displacement of around 85,000 tonnes. Construction started in 2016 and it should launch in 2020.

It will have electricity to power new combat lasers and railguns.

China could have molten salt nuclear reactor built by 2020. Those could be used for the new aircraft carriers. Molten salt nuclear reactors would be more compact than existing nuclear pressure water reactors used in the US Navy.

It is believed construction started on a Type 003 carrier in 2017. It could be completed in 2022.

China is also taking bids for the construction of nuclear-powered icebreakers. Those are believed to be precursors to the nuclear-powered carriers.