SpaceX has had three months of successful tests of prototype internet satellites

SpaceXfirst two prototype Starlink internet satellites tests are working three months after launch.

Elon tweeted – TinTin A & B are both closing the link to ground w phased array at high bandwidth, low latency (25 ms). Good enough to play fast response video games.

The Starlink satellites will have another design revision.

During Tesla’s Q1 2018 conference call, Elon said he does not expect initial Starlink service to be available to consumers for at least three years. Internet service would be around 2021 or 2022. This timeline would have another 6-12 months of experimentation and flight testing before the first true production runs and launches would need to begin. SpaceX would then have about 12-18 months to build and launch the minimum of ~800 satellites required to begin offering consumers internet access.