CoinsBank Blockchain Week will be a cruise from September 7-11, touring Barcelona, Monte Carlo, France, Italy, and Ibiza

European Blockchain Week is September 7-13 and it will be a scenic cruise with several days on the island of Ibiza. The people attending will share similar interests in blockchain, with an atmosphere of relaxation, sharing, creativity, and community.

If someone mentioned “blockchain conference” in conversation, it would more than likely bring to mind a weekend filled with people in suits and booths trying to sell their ideas and agendas regarding technology and cryptocurrency. As of September 7, 2018, that will change.

European Blockchain Week 2018 is looking to change from boring meetings and conferences to creative and exciting.

Giving, Caring, and Creativity

Bitcoin Foundation chairman and visionary Brock Pierce, looks for the week to have a feel similar to the annual Burning Man – a yearly event that emphasizes aspects such as radical inclusion, communal effort, civic responsibility, participation, and giving.

Brock Pierce, crypto billionaire and former child actor, currently resides in Puerto Rico as he continues to impact the blockchain world. Pierce is someone who seems to embrace the values of burning man in his own life. In fact, he was actually married at Burning Man. Listed among The Richest People In Cryptocurrency, Pierce states that “this is an opportunity to be a trillionaire—someone who is positively impacting a trillion living things on this planet”.

Futurama which is part of the European Blockchain Week, also had a very successful first summit in Dubai (May 2018), of which Pierce stated:

“Dubai was the best event I’ve seen in the space. First time events always have tons of room for improvement so the second edition should be out of this world”.

European Blockchain Week 2018 will be an event with an atmosphere of giving more than taking, with a focus on creating a community of people who are creative, as well as caring for the world around them.

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain are all about breaking the current mold by means of creativity and innovation. Blockchain technology has the potential to change the world. But, for that to happen, innovation must be given the right atmosphere to thrive, and great minds must be given unique opportunities to gather and collaborate, without the standard atmosphere of pure personal agenda and monetary gain.

Miko Matsumura, co-founder of Evercoin exchange and partner at Gumi Ventures, says;

“Futurama is an effort to kind of create a point of concentration, where the future can be brought out from”.

European Blockchain Week 2018 (Sept 7-13, 2018) Will Consist of 2 Connected Events:

Coinsbank Blockchain Cruise

The week will start off with a cruise organized by CoinsBank for 2000 guests. The cruise is from September 7-11, touring Barcelona, Monte Carlo, France, Italy, and Ibiza, where a full day deck pool party will be held. The entire cruise ship is reserved solely for the event.

The cruise will feature an impressive number of notable cryptocurrency experts. Some of the speakers include:

Charlie Lee (creator of Litecoin),
Bobby Lee (co-founder of BTCC),
John McAfee (CEO of MGT Capital Investments).
Brock Pierce (Bitcoin Foundation)
Jimmy Song (venture partner at Blockchain Capital LLC)
Roger Ver (CEO of
Tone Vays (blockchain consultant and researcher)
Miko Matsumura (co-founder at Evercoin exchange and general partner at Gumi Ventures)
Sally Eaves (CTO and blockchain global strategy advisor at Forbes Technology)

Futurama Blockchain Innovators Summit

The week will also include the Futurama Blockchain Innovators Summit, from September 10-13, also organized by CoinsBank/Futurama Blockchain Innovators Media.

The summit will be held on Ibiza and feature many of the world’s top crypto exchanges, crypto banks, business media, regulators, and 12 of the best international tokenized startups who have passed the program. This will be an excellent place for some of the brightest minds and influencers to impact the future of the blockchain space, in a unique and inviting atmosphere. Venue limit is 300 guests and looks like it will be sold out soon.

Futurama Blockchain Innovators Summit Dubai was a fan favorite earlier this year (May 2018), being referred to as “the most mesmerizing conference of the year”. European Blockchain Week 2018, this coming September looks to top that, as an event for the ages.

About CoinsBank And Futurama
CoinsBank is a popular cryptocurrency wallet, exchange service, and mobile app providing customers with viable options to interact in crypto markets.

Futurama partners with CoinsBank, Bithumb, DNA, bitINKA, InkaPay, and Crypto PR Lab to provide some of the world’s most effective and exciting blockchain experiences.

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