Super low cost conversion of spent nuclear fuel

In March of 2018, Ed Pheil spoke to International Nuclear Materials Management (Vienna Chapter) about Elysium Industries’ Molten Chloride Salt Fast Reactor (MCSFR).

In 2018, Elysium Industries USA (Clifton Park, NY) received $3.2 million to develop the computational fluid dynamics models needed to simulate and optimize the flows of chloride molten salt fuel in a reactor vessel and heat exchangers for their Molten Chloride Salt Fast Reactor design.
DOE Funding: $2,560,000; Non-DOE: $640,000; Total Value: $3,200,000

The Elysium MCSFR will be built utilizing existing code-qualified materials and relies on natural processes. Elysium is simplifying engineering systems saving cost with natural techniques for passive operation and safety.

Everything that Elysium is choosing is to only use what is qualified and working at the time.

The system can convert spent nuclear fuel at 100 times less cost than current reprocessing methods.