Understanding SpaceX reusability

SpaceX has had 62 successful launches and landed 28 times and reused boosters 15 times.

They have had 34 successful launches in 2017 and so far in 2018.

The new block 5 Falcon 9’s are coming back in good shape and SpaceX feels confident that they will be able to reuse them many times. They will work towards being able to reuse without refurbishment and get a two-day turnaround.

SpaceX is rapidly learning how to make rockets better and better for reusability.

SpaceX payloads vary quite a bit depending upon how the rockets are landed. The type of landing changes the fuel usage.

The SpaceX Falcon Heavy can put 15 tons to GTO in an expendable configuration. SpaceX Falcon Heavy can put about 8-10 tons to GTO in reusable modes.