DESICO Launches its public offering in Compliance with EU Regulation

DESICO, a startup that is developing a security token infrastructure, started public offering on November 7, 2018 during which investors will be able to purchase DESI tokens which entitle token holders to platform’s revenue.

The company relies on the fundraising model given that DESI Tokens represent safer and more valuable instruments compared to ICO-based utility tokens. For this, DESICO went through several regulatory filters, finally securing the required regulatory structure for its offering, in accordance with EU member state laws. All investors from around the globe, with exclusion of non-accredited US investors, are eligible to participate in DESI Token sale.

Laimonas Noreika, co-founder and CEO of DESICO, said: “Tokenized securities will bring more value and more protection for you – investors. Out of all the security token platforms, we are the ones who are doing offering for retail investors in European Union jurisdiction”, he explained.

Nextbigfuture Interview with CEO Noreika

Answers provided by DESICO CEO Laimonas Noreika

What is current market for securitized tokens? Securitized ICOs?

Tokenization of assets is still in its early stages. Major tokenized securities players are not creating vital infrastructure – primary and secondary markets, custodian services and etc. However, most of the players are focusing on tokenizing real estate, investment funds. At the current stage, not many players are securitizing ICO’s. I believe that soon we’ll see more and more players stepping into securitizing initial offerings. Inevitably, these players will have to find business models where retail main street investors can access these investments.

What does Desico see happening with the cryptocurrency market ? Can cryptocurrencies stay at its current level and there still be strong ICO market?

As I see the market, it is maturing. Tools for institutional investors are currently being created. It will take time. However, without it, I’m not projecting new heights. We need to stabilize the market, let institutions to step in, only then we’ll see another major bull run.

What are the events that will happen over the 2 years that will bring back the excitement for blockchain and crypto?

Institutional investors will step into crypto, especially Bitcoin market. Retail will come back together with institutions. Also, Bitcoin will be found as a safe harbor to fluctuating financial markets.

Which companies and startups are the best candidates for a securitized ICO vs a regular ICO vs an IPO?

When speaking about which ICO project might be a good candidate to do STO, I would point out those who have potential to scale because of blockchain technology but have no need for utility token tokenomics. These should be first candidates. Currently most of the projects are using utility tokens to avoid regulations, not that they need a utility token. Also, companies who are too small to do an IPO, should use an STO.

Background from the press release

During the crowdsale, the company will release financial instruments (DESI tokens), which will provide quarterly payouts to investors. DESI tokens represent a type of security tokens that will allow token holders to receive quarterly payouts that constitute 12.5% of the company’s revenue. There will be no cap on revenue-based payouts for holders. Thus, the DESI tokens model enables investors to benefit from DESICO’s revenue and growth.

To operate within the legal framework, DESICO will conduct its offering through EU-based brokerage, crowdfunding, and e-money license holders.

The rationale behind DESICO’s move is to show potential clients that the company is pursuing the same business model that is proposed for users. The team intends to prove to the public that it has great confidence in its own product and system.

Retail investors will have to invest no less than $230, while the maximum investment limit will be the equivalent of $5,750,000. Accredited investors will be required to invest no less than $143,750, with no upper limit.

Investors planning to take part in DESICO’s offering event have to consider the know-your-customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) requirements. According to current laws, in the US, such offering can be joined by accredited investors only.

DESICO will issue not more than 38,575,472 units of DESICO Tokens. All emission of 38,575,472 DESICO Tokens will have a right to a revenue of 12,5% of companies of DESICO group. The holder of one token will receive 12,5% / 38,575,472 of DESICO group companies revenue.In case less than 38,575,472 tokens will be issued the total amount of revenue transferred to token holders will be proportionally reduced.In this first offering DESICO offers only 1,023,018 of DESI Tokens.

The offering will be delivered through licensed crowdfunding platform “UAB Finansų Bitė verslui” and licensed financial brokerage firm “FMI DV Invest”.


DESICO builds a platform to enable the issuance and trading of tokenized securities in full compliance with EU law. DESICO seeks to operate under crowdfunding law, financial markets law, and the EU’s e-money directive for the Republic of Lithuania, which allow authorized entities to issue securities in order to raise capital. DESICO is based in Paris, France, and in Vilnius, Lithuania.