Kitchen Science Magic for Easily Cleaning Burnt Food from Pots and Pans

This is a bit of everyday science-based kitchen magic. Junskitchen is a Youtube channel primarily focused upon cooking and his cats. However, here is a video where he shows how to easily clean burnt on food from pots and pans. You put baking soda into the pot or pan with burnt on food and then boil it. You can then dump out the burnt food with the dirty water. He strains the large solid burnt bits out.

Japanese culture is to obsessively perfect a particular technique or food dish. This is why Tokyo has more Michelin Star restaurants than Paris, New York and London combined. They have US$11 noodle ramen or Udon dishes in Japan that are mind-blowingly good.

This search for perfection thus has more steps where he cleans off the bottom of the pots and pans. Then he polishes them so they are like new or better than new.

On the outside of the pan, he uses a cream cleanser with calcium carbonate. See a little chemistry. Chemistry is science. Waterproof sandpaper is used for the difficult parts. He uses a stainless steel polisher to make it shiny.

He finally rinses it well to make it is safe for cooking.

The pot metal is like a mirror at the end. As I was saying, Japanese culture has an everyday quest for perfection.

Junskitchen achieved fame with its original knife cleaning and sharpening video. This is amazing to see but I do not bother to learn from it. The pots and pans cleaning is something that I will do perhaps once a month.