SpaceX Starhopper and Launchpad Will Likely Be Ready for Late March Tests

The SpaceX StarHopper is the first prototype that will test three Raptor engine. It will fly a series of hops that could start as early as the end of this month. It is cleared to fly as high as 5000 meters.

SpaceX is recovering from high winds blowing over the top half of the Starhopper. The top half is an empty stainless steel nosecone shell. It only took a few weeks to build the original Starhopper nosecone.

The Starship is the new name for what was called the Big Falcon Spaceship. It is the upper stage of what was the BFR. It will have seven Raptor engines and it could reach orbit as early as 2020.

Here is a picture of the bottom half of the Starhopper taken by Alex Dominguez. He is the State Representative for Texas House District 37.

The Starhopper tests will look similar to Grasshopper and Falcon 9 Reusable rocket tests that were performed several years ago.

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Written By Brian Wang.