What Does It Mean to a Researcher at Deep Mind #emtechdigital

David Budden is a Research Engineering Team Lead, DeepMind. He will discuss Engineering Intelligence.

David talked about how innovation can come from anywhere in the company. A Deep Fake (fake picture) project was performed by an intern.

It is a myth that deep mind does not open source.

Starcraft can take a long time and it is tough to know whether you are winning or losing.

Deep Mind is pivoting from AI for games to work on real world problems.

Deep mind had to do a lot of work on the game environments to provide a simulation framework.

Deepmind Alphafold is AI working on protein folding. DeepMind’s Alphafold beat top pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer, Novartis, etc. at predicting protein structures. Deepmind will create other AI projects to target other real world problems.

SOURCE – Live Reporting by Brian Wang of Nextbigfuture at EmTech Digital 2019, Youtube, Deep mind.