Tesla Autonomy Investor Day Live and the Full Self Driving Computer

Tesla is holding Autonomy Investor Day.

They are revealing the Full Self Driving Computer and going over all of the technical details.

Tesla created customized hardware only for the purpose of a full self-driving computer and they are creating software specifically to maximize that custom hardware.

Elon Musk indicates that later in the presentation and demos that they will show why LIDAR is the wrong solution for full self-driving. He indicates that LIDAR adds costs and complexity that is not needed and does not help.

Elon talked about the importance of keeping power low and heat dissipation.

The FSD system handles 21 times the frames per second to 2300 frames per second versus 110 for the previous Tesla Hardware version 2.5. The system would be 7 times the frames per second of the Nvidia Xavier drive system. All Tesla’s being produced right now are using the new system. Tesla switched over on the S and X one month ago and Model 3 changed 10 days ago.

FSD needs a higher frame processing rate to handle the inputs from eight cameras and other sensors.

Telsa is halfway through the work on the next generation system. They completed this FSD one year ago and switched to develop the next system. The next generation system is about two years away and will be three times better.

Full Self Driving Chip and the System

The FSD will fit behind the glove box and will not take up half of the trunk.

Everything is redundant with the system. Cameras or computers could fail and the system will keep working.

The chip is half the size of a GPU and has 72 teraOps per second (trillion operations) of performance.

The Neural network accelerator increases the system to 2100 picture frames per second that can be processed from only 17 frames per second from a 35 GOPs GPU.

They use an SRAM array to keep the memory operations fast and low energy. They have two terabytes per second communication channels.

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