Elon Says More Tesla Factories Will Be Made in China

At the 2019 Tesla Annual Shareholders meeting, Elon indicated that he sees more Tesla factories in other parts of China. This was about 1 hour 17 minutes into the meeting video. Elon said that long-term the Shanghai factory will probably reach 1 million cars per year.

Making more factories in Europe and Asia will enable Tesla to scale its growth with improved cashflow. Currently, Tesla has to carry the cost of cars for longer while they are shipped.

Elon said a mobile ride-sharing service should be available before the Tesla Network/robo taxi release.

About 40 minutes from the start of the meeting, Elon indicates that there will be full self-driving capability in one million Tesla cars by the end of next year. There will need to be regulatory approval.

Tesla expects the Model Y to outsell the Model 3, Model S and Model X combined.

They are installing stamping machines and painting machines inside the Shanghai Gigafactory.

Telsa should have a battery and powertrain investor day soon. It could be later this summer.

SpaceX Starlink is using the most advanced phase array radar in the world. It is about the size of a medium pizza.

Starlink will serve the unserved or poorly served.