Tesla Model 3 Outselling Combined Sales of Mercedes C Class, BMW 3 Series and Audi A4 in USA

The Tesla Model 3 has more sales than the Mercedes C Class, BMW 3 Series and Audi A4 combined in the USA from about January 2018 to June 2019. It nearly is outselling the three combined sales from Jan 2018 to May 2019.

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  1. Forget it. Me has been so brainwashed he could never believe for a instant he has been manipulated by the media and big business.

  2. When somebody says they believe X, then applies their time and particular talents to exactly what we would expect if they truly believe X, then it’s usually a pretty good indication that they are being sincere.

  3. And musk does it all to save humanity. It’s all for the children. Rderkis is a musk fluffing fan boy.

  4. From Forbes: Tesla Cars May Be The Safest In America, But Fail In Reliability: Consumer Reports
    From NHTSA: “A five-star rating is the highest safety rating a vehicle can achieve. NHTSA does not distinguish safety performance beyond that rating, thus there is no ‘safest’ vehicle among those vehicles achieving five-star ratings,”

  5. Remember, there are a bunch of eco zombies who just buy these things because “electric good, gas bad”. My bro in law one of them. Don’t get me wrong, eco zombie money spends just as easily as anybody else’s. For most people in the country that are better options economically speaking.

  6. Yeah, because not one other company works on batteries. Tesla has cornered the market on everything it does. Musk is THAT good!

    Jonas stated during the call that as recently as 2018 “Tesla was seen as a growth story,” but “today, supply exceeds demand, they’re burning cash. Nobody cares about the Model Y. … Tesla is not seen as a growth story, at least the feedback we were getting, which is quite one-sided … it’s seen more as a distressed credit story and restructuring story.”

  7. The question I have is about replacement:
    Are buyers replacing Teslas with more Teslas? Probably Yes.
    Are buyers replacing BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, Lexus, etc. with of the same?

    Cumulative sales will go up for everyone with time.
    But sales are, today, more substitutions of old cars than new adoption.
    Actually, there are probably less cars sold than cars scrapped because of Uber and other things increasing the efficiency of transportation and services.

    So, every car Tesla sells is a car the competition will not sell. At some point, the competition will start have difficulties to continue to compete and competing companies will start to drop off the market.

  8. Safest car on the road with the best acceleration and cornering with superior auto pilot and free upgrades..
    Best car all around at the moment.

  9. Can’t judge from this graph if Tesla model 3 took away from other car makers sales but I do know that BMW 3 sales dropped like a stone when Tesla model 3 came to the market .

  10. I recently considered purchasing a Model 3, not as a replacement of an existing vehicle, nor instead of another car.

    i was going to put it in the stable just as a long commute Auto to supplement. There is probably a little of that too at the moment.

  11. I think you guys are being blinded by the cumulative graph.
    Look at Mercedes C class sales figures: http://carsalesbase.com/us-car-sales-data/mercedes-benz/mercedes-benz-c-class/
    In 2017, 9 months were over 6000 cars and one almost…5996. The next 16 months only one month over 6000. 77k in 2017 to 60k in 2018. (-17,036)
    BMW 3/4, 99,083 sold in 2017. Just 75,957 sold in 2018. (-23,126) And sales may have slumped the previous two years as people anticipated the Model 3. 2014 and 2015 they sold over 140k. http://carsalesbase.com/us-car-sales-data/bmw/bmw-3-series-4-series/
    Audi A4 is unchanged 34,434 in 2017. 34,311 in 2018. (-123) But sales look more sluggish in 2019 so far. http://carsalesbase.com/us-car-sales-data/audi/audi-a4/
    Lexus IS 26,482 in 2017. 22,927 in 2018, but they sold much more 2013-2016 and 2018 was the worst year since 2005. (-3,501) Lexus sold 5,269 IS cars in the first 4 months of 2019. 7,099 in those same 4 months in 2018.
    Jaguar looks like it did worse in 2018 vs 2017 as well but the December 2018 numbers are not there yet. 36,180 for first 11 months of 2017. Just 27,021 the first 11 months of 2018. (- 9,159) And obviously no 2019 numbers: http://carsalesbase.com/us-car-sales-data/jaguar/

    When we add these reduced 2018 sales we get: about 53,000 less cars…assuming I did the math right. But that is not exactly cut and dry, as we have to consider other models of both Tesla and the other makers including other more exotic cars.
    I own a few shares.

  12. Yep, tho’ here in the Bay Area, it seems to be The Car for the Stay-at-home Mom-attached-to-a-technologist-hubby … I see Model 3’s in Safeway, Home Depot, Food Source, Food Max, Indian Markets, 99 Ranch (especially), Sprouts, Whole Foods, all the crunchy-granola food stores, all the time. 

    They’re everywhere.  People who’d never even muse about getting a BMW / MB / L / A / J…

    Basically, they are THE answer to run-about transportation for people in-the-burbs going about their almost preposterously zippy lives.  

    And the GASOLINE cost is zero. In California were a gallon of bottom-shelf commands a princely $4.15 a gallon (and no you still have to serve your own and fight with the street barnacles…)

    Just saying,
    GoatGuy ✓

    I WANT ONE. We’re just now installing way-oversized solar panelling to keep The E-Machine topped up with runabout energy.

  13. BMW = foreign
    Mercedes = foreign
    Audi = foreign
    Lexus = foreign
    Jaguar = foreign


    Tesla = domestic

    No wonder there. Right?
    Tho’ few have commented thus, take a look again.  

    Tesla Model 3 cumulative rise did not impact the otherwise predictably moribund sales of the Big 5 foreign brands. They continued up, apace, with little blips in the summer, but nothing that really can be attributed to the Model 3 being rolled out.  

    If anything, the astute analyst might not unreasonably conclude that the Model 3 opened up an entirely new market that otherwise wasn’t being tapped. A little less optimistic (or more so!) regarding the future, methinks.

    Just saying,
    GoatGuy ✓

  14. Which I would gladly do to get a superior car that was good for 1,000,000 miles plus safest car on the road.

  15. The slope of competitor car sales is basically unaffected.

    They are probably pulling from the endless pool of Accord, Camry, Fusion buyers. Basically getting buyers to pay an extra $6k for a smaller car.

  16. I think the graph is cumulative, so it can’t go down for any of the cars. If it was month by month and starting before there were any Model 3s, it would look quite different.

  17. According to graph tesla sales don’t seem to be affecting the other cars in this segment. That’s curious, are they pulling buyers from other segments or just creating their own.

  18. Why would this surprise anyone? Teslas are the safest and best cars made. On top of that a lot of the updates are free. And teslas are constantly being improved.

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