Two Antiaging Treatments in Phase 3 Clinical Trials has a list of antiaging treatments and their stage of clinical approval.

There are two treatments in phase 3 clinical trials and four in phase 2 clinical trials.

The phase 2 clinical trials are two senescent cell treatments and two stem cell treatments. Phase 3 are a TOR inhibitor and a stem cell treatment.

ResTORbio has RTB101, an oral medication that inhibits target of rapamycin complex 1 (TORC1) in stage 3 clinical trials. They are using a combination of RTB101 and everolimus, another TORC1 inhibitor. They are using the treatment to fight respiratory tract infections in the elderly and improving the immune system rather than attempting to target individual infectious agents. The phase 2b trial of RTB101 reduced the number of elderly people who had infections versus the control group.

The mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) pathway uses the multiprotein complexes TORC1 and TORC2 to conduct signaling.

Wnt Pathway for Healthier Stem Cells

Samumed is developing drugs for multiple degenerative diseases, including osteoarthritis, alopecia (baldness), and degenerative disc disease. While these therapies differ from each other, they all focus on restoring the Wnt signaling pathway.

The Wnt pathway is fundamental in stem cell differentiation. It allows for ordinary tissue repair and upkeep, and it provides for wound healing and recovery from injuries. However, like many other pathways, it becomes deregulated with age. By restoring this pathway, Samumed intends to replenish deteriorating tissues with the body’s own cells, staving off age-related diseases.