Boring Company, Elon and China Could Rebuild the World at 100X the Speed

Nextbigfuture expects Elon Musk’s Boring Company will make massive amounts of underground tunnels in China to bust traffic. China loves building massive amounts of infrastructure. When China embraces an engineering solution they go all in.

China often averages $30 billion per year building subway lines. Boring company has stated that they were seeking to dig tunnels for $10 million per mile or less. If China spent $30 billion per year on Boring company transportation systems and $10 billion went into tunnels and $20 billion went into the electric pods and other in parts of the system then China and Boring would add 1000 miles of tunnels each year. This would over four times cheaper than even the cost of China’s tunnels.

The $10 million per mile price was for countries like the USA where the cost of tunnels is currently $100 million to $1 billion per mile. In China the cost of tunneling is currently about $16 to $60 million per mile. Boring Company has talked about speeding up tunneling by 10 to 20 times. Speed and efficiency improvements could bring the cost in China down to $1 million to $5 million per mile. The amount of tunnels could also increase to many thousands of miles per year.

The Boring Company tunnel dirt will be turned into inexpensive construction bricks. Those bricks would also be very useful for construction in China.

China embraced high-speed rail and now has more than half of all high-speed rail in the world.
China has over half of the world’s heavy trucks.
China has half of the world’s electric cars.

It makes sense for Elon Musk and China to work together to rebuild the world at 10X to 100X of the current pace.

China is already building the Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory at a record-breaking speed.

Shenzhen will soon pass New York to join the top ten world megacities. China has three other cities in the world top ten. Shanghai is second largest megacity after Tokyo. Shanghai has 34 million people.

Guangzhou and Beijing both have around 25 million people.

China has several cities with worse traffic than Los Angeles and Tokyo.
China has ten other cities with over 10 million people.

China built over 20 complete metro subway systems and 100 subway lines in the last ten years. From 2010 to 2015, China built roughly 232 miles of subway lines each year, investing $189 billion into those projects. In 2918, China has subways in 31 cities, with a total of 133 lines covering some 2,700 miles.

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