Startup Bounce Wants to Support a Future Without Car Ownership

People who get rid of cable television are called cord-cutters, but a new company is planning for a future where we cut car ownership.

Bounce is a startup that wants to make it easier for people who choose to only use public transit and ride-sharing vehicles.

People without their own car have a more difficult time moving larger amounts of cargo. Someone with their own car can load it up with furniture and large items.

Currently, Bounce is starting off help travelers and tourists who use Airbnb to store their luggage at hotel concierges and other partner locations. However, the Bounce customers will not have stayed at those hotels. This is a common service in high traffic tourist cities in Europe. Now Bounce brings this to New York, San Francisco and Chicago and other cities.

Nextbigfuture readers who want to use their service for storing luggage can use this link and receive 10% off.

Nextbigfuture interviewed Bounce Cody Candee who described a larger vision where they will move beyond tourist luggage storage. They will enable a logistical system for moving luggage or any items between Bounce locations. This will enable shoppers or business commuters using transit and ride sharing to drop off at one location and pick up at another. They can drop off where they were shopping or working and then pick up near their home.