Augmented Reality App Shows Tesla Cybertruck is too Long for Many Garages

The Tesla Cybertruck is 19.5 feet long and standard US garages range from 20 feet X 20 feet for 24 feet by 24 feet. It would be very difficult to fit a Cybertruck in a 20 X 20 garage and be able to close the garage door.

The length issue is the same for supercab versions of various other pickup trucks from Ford and GM.

The images are from a $2 mobile app called AR Cybertruck.

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  1. Since Elon has a working relationship with Sprung Structures, maybe sell tent garages on the side? Or do those need to be low polygon too?

  2. After going back and forth a bit, I now agree with using the app.
    If you are working it out for yourself, then use a tape measure. (Then move the junk and use the tape measure again.)

    But if you are producing a video, use a VR app. Otherwise it would never be watched.

  3. Typical non-carpenter mistake. Room sizes are normally even foot dimensions (In the US, anyway!) to the outside of the building and the centers of interior partitions, not to the insides of the walls.

    That means 19.5 feet is optimistic for the interior of a “20 foot” garage.

  4. So because this prospective customer is not mentally able to move the junk at the inner wall (as observed by DrPat), Tesla has to change the brilliant design of the cybertruck?

    Your point about the open door is of course good….

  5. I could not agree more. He could obviously remove the cupboard (or whatever it is) at the front wall and then, viola, the truck fits.

    On a side not. People in general don’t understand that their house or appartment is not to small, they have to much junk. You have to throw away things that you don’t use, or perhaps sell the things to some future user. Everybody wins.

  6. Obvious solution: extend the garage. But seriously, what kind of truck owner are you if you garage your truck, especially a truck like this? The whole point is to let your neighbors know and so that you can make room for the old college dorm sofa and that 3rd freezer filled with roadkill and other delicacies (don’t look down on this choice of meat, I practically lived off of “crushed venison” in college).

  7. Which it doesn’t have to be to get the point across. Unless you’re kind of drooling moron that has to be entertained by everything to let it sink.

  8. I think the augmented reality thing is very cool. A tape measure does not make a terribly entertaining video.

  9. The Cybertruck needs a boarding bridge from your house, akin to those used at airports or to load astronauts into their capsule.

  10. Cybertruck is an SUV with a very big trunk that can optionally be left open.

    Or maybe call it a cross-over in a different direction – rather than the usual sedan-van, it’s a sedan-truck.

  11. This is the kind of problem that can be avoided by moving the junk he is storing in front of the truck.

    Move junk, drive forward 30 cm, close door.

  12. Same length as a Mercedes-Benz “short” Sprinter. The short Sprinter van and the long(er) one infest the local roads, so apparently there’s a big market that likes this size.

  13. 19.3 feet not 19.5 feet. The typical garage is 20 feet that leaves 8 inches. Still, the design could be modified, as I suggested before. Just making the tailgate vertical would provide the extra space desired in the garage. Wouldn’t change the bed length either. Also his claims of not fitting including not moving bundles of flooring he had in the way. His idea of not fitting means you can’t get out of the Cybertruck on the passenger side and walk around to the house door with the garage door down. But why does the garage door have to be down? And if you need to get close, you hang a rope from the rafters with a tennis ball on the end, and when it contacts some easily observed part of the truck, you know you are there.

  14. Length to truck is given and you can measure the length of you garage folding rule or tape line. And yes this is an common issue, old garages tent to be small as cars was smaller 40 years ago at lest in Europe.
    Safety is better in an large car, so is comfort and if you want an cheap car you buy an used one.
    Add that any pick up trucks with back seats are large as you need an full sized cabin and an full truck bed.

  15. Mr. Musk stated in a tweet that they might do a smaller Cybertruck in the future. And the big trucks sell much, much better than the smaller ones. Note that Ford didn’t even bother to sell a Ranger in the US from 2013 through 2018. The best selling smaller trucks in 2018 were the Toyota Tacoma, at 246k units, and the GM Colorado/Canyon twins at 168k units. In comparison, the Ford sold over 900k, full sized pickups last year, GM over 800k, and RAM 537k. RAM fulled sized pickups out-sold every mid-sized pickup put together. You can’t really blame Tesla for building the most popular size of pickup first.

    The charging situation is a good point though, especially if a neighorhood has those poorly supervised children I mentioned running around unplugging things.

  16. This is Tesla’s only truck and it doesn’t make much sense to limit who can buy it based on its size. Comparing to Fords or Chevys or Ram doesn’t work as they each produce multiple truck sizes. Don’t like the F150? Get the new Ranger.

    People don’t like charging on the street.

  17. Most people with garages store tons of shit in them not cars. Cyber truck is designed to be fucking huge. Which is what all real Americans really want.

  18. Look up how long a Crewcab F-150, Silverado 1500, or RAM 1500 is. The Cybertruck sits smack in the middle of the length ranges availabe for those trucks (those vehicles have different bed length options). And those are the three best selling vehicles in America. The Cybertruck has obviously been designed to be the size Americans want their pick-ups to be.

    And besides, with the heavy-duty stainless steel skin, you can leave it in the driveway and not have to worry about it getting faded paint, hail damage, or dings from poorly supervised neighbor children.

  19. The Tesla truck size is within 1 inch of my super cab F150 with a 6.5 foot bed and yet it has more cabin space than the larger super crew cab.

  20. The Musk doesn’t operate like that. Instead, he will offer a garage upgrade deal for every Cyber truck buyer.

  21. This is the kind of problem that can be avoided by doing some market research before designing your truck.

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