Saudi Aramco Passed $2 Trillion Valuation in Intraday Trading

Saudi Aramco’s shares closed at 36.8 Saudi riyals on Thursday, putting the company’s market value slightly below $2 trillion. The shares opened Thursday and reached 38.7 riyals where it briefly traded above a market value of $2 trillion.

Apple closed at $1.21 trillion in market value.

10 thoughts on “Saudi Aramco Passed $2 Trillion Valuation in Intraday Trading”

  1. Yup, and if you don’t do what they say they have a “meeting” with you like that journalist.

    70$ billion btw xD

  2. Love the pic of Prince AlWaleed, lol. Shook down for 10s of billions, guest of the Ritz and under house arrest. Not sure what this has to do with Aramco, but interesting choice of pic.

  3. Saudis with lots of cash is hardly a new phenomenon.
    If anything, this is just moving them back towards the liquidity they enjoyed for decades. If that.

  4. No one trusts Saudi Arabia. That is why they had to list this on a local exchange. Any “real” exchange would require a level a scrutiny to their finances that the Saudi’s can’t abide.

  5. stock market is just a big popularity contest in my opinion… Apparently Arab investors are most proud of their oil company… plus, lack of anything else to invest in other than a few centrally planned mega-projects… i spend $40 a week on exxon gas, and I only spend a few hundred dollars every 3-4 years on an apple phone + $15/month on apple itunes…. apple has larger market cap because they are more popular… people hate oil companies in the united states….thry are always killing baby seals and birds with oil sludge…

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