20% Difference Between Saudi Aramco and Apple

Saudi Aramco has been the most valuable company in the world and it had an IPO late in 2019 and briefly traded at $2 trillion when it was worth 38.7 riyal per share. Saudi Aramco valuation is down to $1.7 trillion.

Apple and Microsoft are the most valuble companies after Aramco. Apple is at $1.42 trillion in market value and Microsoft is at $1.4 trillion.

If there were 20% price increases in Apple or Microsoft they would surpass the value that Saudi Aramco has now. If there was a 20% drop in Aramco then the Saudi Arabian oil company would fall behind the technology giants.

Oil prices are down and could remain down with coronavirus causing reduced economic activity in China and Asia.

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  1. Well, this is part of the Green New Deal he and AOC have been touting, and he has specifically written and said this is what he will do. Given all the things Trump has done that were thought outside the president’s powers previously, there’ll be little the next president can’t do, maybe in the interest of “national security” or some other bogus reason. Trump in his first campaign threatened to stop buying Saudi oil to get them to stop sponsoring terrorism worldwide. I thought it was a great idea then, but he failed that like so many other promises.

  2. This is the most positive thing I’ve heard anyone say about Sanders. Ever.

    I mean you get people who praise him to the heavens, but they do so promising that he WILL do all sorts of terrible things, that they want to happen.

  3. and by bank I mean a non fractionally reserved bank…like the gold people like…Just a. Big vault to store your bullion and exchange for your gold receipt.. Of course China trade would completely shutdown unless they are willing to accept leaves and sticks as legal currency…Because nobody want their gold bars getting ship overseas To China just to buy napkins and plastics utensils… iPhone clones and other electronic rubbish…

  4. too much money chasing too few investment options… valuations of stocks has no bearing on reality… it’s all just mass hysteria… Fairy dust… the real reason stocks go up in value is … 1. mass hysteria of moving money around between buckets of perceived popularity Growth… and 2. the steady devaluation of fiat currencies causes a rise in the value of assets over spans of ten years or more through the vehicle of Credit expansion… If the world had no credit expansion, then total money would be fixed in Size, and would slouch back and forth between asset classes like a giant pyramid scheme … Everybody would pile into oil stocks until free investment money is consumed, then people would panic because there is no growth any more, and the money would slouch into a different asset class and decimal the oil stock…wildly oscillating like an unstable system that goes up and down and averaging out to zero growth for the long term buy and hold people… luckily we tax people by stealing their money’s value through credit growth so all stocks rise over long periods of time assuming the companies doesn’t go bankrupt..So buy and hold makes sense if you buy a basket of stocks…The assumption here is that it’s unlikely that all companies in the basket go bankrupt… If the gold currency people had there way… the total value of the nasdaq and nyse would have a constant Value that it oscillates around… because money supply is fixed.it’s in the bank..or it’s invested

  5. Bernie may be a socialist but he isn’t stupid and he nor Trump have the ability to ban fracking. That would take an act of Congress and we know how those *ssholes work together.

  6. If Bernie Sanders gets elected and bans fracking, the price of oil will probably go up 50%-100%, which will send Aramco to $3t at least, since the U.S. needs to frack to get its oil & Aramco doesn’t. So glad we are helping the peaceful global citizens in the Middle East to profit, though in the longer run it’ll get us off oil faster too. There’s no similar one-shot stimulus possible for Apple or Microsoft. They have to innovate their way higher. Big difference between a commodity company and an innovation company.

  7. Oil prices are down and could remain down with coronavirus causing reduced economic activity in China and Asia.

    How can you mention this without bringing up that the coronavirus has shut down production in the Apple manufacturing centre of Foxconn. Wouldn’t that be slightly relevant?

    Not to mention that reduced economic activity also reduces iPhone sales.

  8. Apple and Microsoft are listed on global exchanges and as such their finances are supposedly “transparent”. Aramco, not so much. I wouldn’t be surprised, between lack of transparency and demand destruction for their products, that shares of Aramco crater later in the year.

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