Amazon Go Grocery Opens in Seattle

Amazon has opened a cashierless grocery store in Seattle and will open a Los Angeles store soon.

Amazon has published various pricing and they have competitive regular pricing and aggressively priced specials.

The Seattle store is 7700 square feet which is half the size of a Trader Joes. It is two to four times bigger than a 7-eleven.

A Trader Joes averages 15000 square feet in size.
A Safeway averages 46000 square feet in size.
A Costco averages 144500 square feet in size.

2 thoughts on “Amazon Go Grocery Opens in Seattle”

  1. Costco used to have scanners and it was a flop. It’s just easier to have a cashier do the work of scanning. Maybe Amazon will be successful because these are small store convenience items, instead of a large cart full of items at Costco. Good luck!

  2. I would love to shop at one of these stores. The least favorte part of grocery shopping is standing in line at the checkout. Thank goodness for smart phones … at least it is less boring.

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