Senate Passes $483B Bill to Refill Payroll Protection for Small Businesses

A $483 billion coronavirus aid package flew through the Senate on Tuesday after Congress and the White House reached a deal to replenish a small-business payroll fund and provided new money for hospitals and testing.

$331 billion will boost a small-business payroll loan program
$75 billion for hospitals
$25 billion will boost testing for the virus

This could be passed by the House on Thursday.

Written By Brian Wang,

8 thoughts on “Senate Passes $483B Bill to Refill Payroll Protection for Small Businesses”

  1. The big corps had a much bigger bag of money allocated to them but they were so greedy they had to also grab the money that was meant for the little guys.

  2. Hopefully this time they put in protection so large corporations and hedge funds won’t rape the fund.

  3. OK, then we have to add a couple of weeks for the house to add an environmental package, special funds for gays and transsexuals and a law banning walls. Because those are the things Americans need the most right now.

  4. YES Thursday just in time for the unemployment numbers. Interesting howthey come up with something every Thursday. Thursday will be back over 6 million again.

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