Gary Vaynerchuk, Seth Godin, and Swan Sit to Panel #webcreators2021

Elementor, the platform that allows users to more easily design websites on WordPress, will celebrate its 5th year by hosting a star studded conference focused on the future of the web. The conference, #webcreators2021, will be held online June 16th at 11:00AM EST, and a lineup of highly influential voices will give talks and lead Q&As on subjects pertinent to the landscape of the internet to come.

Big Names Headlining Four Panels All Afternoon

The #webcreators2021 conference will be led by some of the most influential voices on the current state of the web.

Gary Vaynerchuk, also known as GaryVee, will be hosting a panel with live Q&A titled “Adapt or Die: Prepare your Business for What’s Next” at 11:00AM EST.

GaryVee is a much sought after voice in regards to the current and future web, and he has been a vocal proponent of NFTs for their varied use cases and ability to hold value for communities. It’s reported that, alongside the likes of Jack Dorsey and Mark Cuban, GaryVee has sold a tweet for tens of thousands of dollars.

According to GaryVee, his talk will lean toward what life will look like in a post-pandemic future. “When big changes happen in society, big changes in consumer behavior stick. COVID brought many people different ways to consume information and buy products and that doesn’t change when we go back to life post-COVID. I am excited to talk more about this during the conference,” he said.

Following GaryVee, Seth Godin will also host a Q&A on “Must-Have Skills for Independent Creators” at 12:00PM EST.

Godin is a bestselling author who has written extensively about business from a mind boggling number of perspectives and served as Yahoo’s VPof Direct Marketing. Time magazine noted his blog as one of the best of 2009. He currently champions collaborative creative effort towards making the future of the internet the best it can be.

Godin is quoted as saying, “This conference is not about directing professional web creators to build advanced features, it’s about enabling them the freedom to dream, to make a difference. Building the future of the internet requires an inclusive culture where individuality and collaboration meet to create possibility.”

At 1:00PM EST, Swan Sit, the digital marketing maven who led Nike through one of its most successful Emmy winning campaigns, “Dream Crazy,” will give a talk titled “Big Brand Secrets Every Web Creator Should Know.”

Sit has run a remarkably active career in the marketing industry that included not one but two major roles at Nike: Head of Global Digital Marketing and VP of Digital Capabilities, Operations, Product, Supply Chain and Service. Her face has appeared in Twitter’s “She Inspires Me” campaign, and she sat as judge next to Steve Wozniak during Hajj Hackathon, one of the world’s largest, held in Saudi Arabia 2018.

Finishing up the afternoon of speakers comes Ronit Cyjon with “Redesigning a Site for 8M+ Users” at 2:00PM EST. Cyjon is the Head of Design at Elementor, and her panel will focus on discussing the creation of web designs for one of the most widely used platforms for building user-facing web pages.

A Web Conference Bringing Together the World

Elementor has paved the way for many of the websites users interact with today, and #webcreators2021 is geared towards helping users and creators find their place in the future of the internet.

Noting the company’s presence as a major influence in today’s web, Yoni Lukensburg, CEO of Elementor, commented, “We are enabling web creators to realize their full potential. Elementor unleashes the infinite creative power of web creators by giving them the tools they need to build professional websites, innovate and stretch their creative limits.”

Yoni went on to say, “Our passionate global community of web creators are highly talented, engaged, and supportive of each other and this event is for them.” Users can access the conference for free by clicking “Save Your Spot” on the event’s website.