SpaceX Targets First Starship Orbital Flight in August

SpaceX is done testing Booster 3 and is working on Starship 20 and Booster 4. SpaceX Starship 4 could be ready for orbital flight testing by August 5th. Felix at What About It? is indicating the activity and rumors of a SpaceX orbital launch test target date of August 5th. This would likely be the start of fueling tests and other pre-launch activity.

Above is a rendering of Starship 20 with its heat shield stack onto Booster 4. Rendering from RGV Aerial Photography.

The new fins for Starship 20 are thinner and lighter.

SOURCES- What About It?, SpaceX, Elon Musk, RGV Aerial Photography, Starship Gazer, Nextspaceflight, LabPadre
Written by Brian Wang,

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