Copenhagen Atomics Building 1 Megawatt Molten Salt Test Reactor

2020 Molten-Salt Reactor Workshop on 2020-10-14 (Oct 14th, 2020).

8 thoughts on “Copenhagen Atomics Building 1 Megawatt Molten Salt Test Reactor”

  1. In the US, people don't build because the NRC doesn't let them.

    To get approval to actually build a reactor like this, you have to submit near-complete blueprints to the NRC before they'll even look at it. Getting to that point costs several hundred million dollars. Then the NRC will give you a flat yes or no. If yes you still just have a paper reactor and if no, you're out of business.

    That's a pretty tough environment for investors, and that's why the people actually building GenIV reactors are in other countries.

  2. Yeah i've been wondering about negative pressure molten salt reactors. Pull that Xenon out the old fashion way.

  3. Studying both organic and machine cybernetics I've learned that the greatest teacher is, as the old saw says, learning from your mistakes. That's why it always has driven me crazy that no one seems to build prototypes of all these spiffy modular nuclear reactor designs that have been coming out for at least 15 years. These folks know better. They are building stuff and learning from it. Really, it's probably because they want to do it while if anyone really wanted to make a nuclear reactor in the US, they would have done it long ago instead of just talking about it endlessly and coming up with new plans. This seems like a real product the world needs!

  4. A molten salt reactor would need no forgings, since it would not operate at high pressure. A good vacuum is preferable to avoid any leakage outside the reactor vessel, and to remove fission daughters that come out of solution before they absorb neutrons.

  5. Yep and none of them are being built in the US. That is because of the prostitutes on capitol hill will do the bidding of anyone who has the cash. Never mind the world burns around us.

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