Chip Shortage Impact on Each Auto Makers

The Chip Shortage is cutting the total new cars made in 2021 by about 9%. It is reducing global car production from 88 million to 80 million cars in 2021. North America production is expected to be 15.5 million instead of 16.5 million.

Here is a summary of production losses by car company.

Semiconductor factory shutdowns because of surge in COVID Malaysia during September provided an even larger 4-5 week production hit. The longer shortages will last to 2023 and possibly through 2024.

China’s energy shortage is causing chip making factories in China to shutdown for weeks.

General Motors was down 33% in the third quarter compared to last year. This was 200,000 units of production in North America in the second half of the year.

Stellantis production was down 19% in the third quarter.

Ford lost 50% of its planned second-quarter production and in April was expecting to lose 1.1 million car production for 2021. Ford Europe’s Herrmann, meanwhile, estimates the chip shortage could continue through to 2024, adding that it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly when it will end. Ford put in a 6 week delay for the Mach E.

Toyota dropped 22.4% in Q3. Toyota cut production by 40% in September and October. Toyota is cutting output by about 400,000 units in September and 330,000 in October. Toyota is now expecting production of 9 million in 2021 when it was previously tracking to 10 million cars.

Honda dropped 24.7% in Q3. Honda Motor car factories in Japan have been operating at 40% of capacity in August and September due to the ongoing global shortage of chips and parts. Honda says early October should rebound to 70% of capacity.

Hyundai production dropped 24% in September. Hyundai will start making its own chip sets.

VW (Volkswagen) has said the chip shortage has cost it a high six-digit number in lost vehicle production in the first half of the year.

Tesla has still been able to grow production and is tracking to a 70-100% increase in 2021 over 2020 production.

SOURCES – Autonews, Techxplore, Wikipedia
Written by Brian Wang,