Elon Musk Is Using Trillion Dollar Power to Create AGI

Elon Musk does not drive new programs at Tesla because he wants to, he drives them because he has to.

Elon is currently driving the FSD (Full Self Driving) and the Teslabot program at Tesla.

Long term, every car will have FSD. And so — and the value of that will be a very big number. You know, it’s like — I just look at this as asset utilization. You have a passenger car, which normally is driven maybe 1.5 hours a day on average, maybe 10 — 10 hours, 10, 12 hours a week and this will increase to 60 hours a week or more.

Elon is using the power and resources of a trillion company to drive the creation of AGI (Artificial General Intelligence). Tesla (the highly profitable trillion-dollar company) is using its ability to attract and hire the best people towards the goal of physical AGI.

Tesla EVs grew at 87% last year while being held back by chip shortages, delays with the refreshed Plaid Model S and Model X and other supply chain issues. Tesla has guided for many years of over 50% year-over-year growth. It is very possible that Tesla will double in size in each year of 2022 and 2023.

In three years, Tesla will have over ten million cars and each will have the cameras and supercomputers on the world’s road gathering data to improve full self-driving and to improve the navigation and movement technologies that will be leveraged by the Teslabot.

They will be allied with a space and communications company that will have 12000 to 42000 low earth orbit satellites blanketing the world with gigabit internet.

They will be producing racks of exaflop class AI training supercomputers.

They continued to iterate on FSD Beta software, releasing seven updates throughout the quarter. They successfully increased the number of FSD Beta vehicles from a couple of thousand in Q3 to nearly 60,000 vehicles in the US today. Tesla has already made billions selling AI and software.

Tesla spent $2.5 billion on research in 2021. This will be growing.

Elon Musk parlayed his Zip2 winnings into Paypal. He then took that and created Tesla and SpaceX.

He is now leveraging Tesla EVs to create self-driving cars and truly useful robots for business and households. The robots could become a profitable path to full AGI. This AGI path will go through multi-trillion robotaxis and next level humanoid robots.

SpaceX will take partially reusable commercial orbital-class launch domination and leverage that into fully reusable rockets. These rockets are launching the Starlink communication network. Starlink will dominate global internet and communication. There will be other space spinoff businesses that will also lead to the colonization of the moon, Mars and asteroids.

Elon is passing the trillion-dollar company stage now and is on his way to quadrillions of dollar enterprises spanning the solar system.

The world was an inflation-adjusted $1.2 trillion economy in 1820. Industrialization and the coal and oil economy have driven the world economy to nearly $100 trillion. In 1953, the world passed $10 trillion. It took 135 years to go from $1 trillion to $10 trillion. It has take about 70 years to go from $10 trillion to $100 trillion. It could take 35 years or less to get from $100 trillion to $1000 trillion (aka quadrillion).

Economic growth accelerated.

Elon Musk is considering robotaxi self driving cars ($11 trillion per year market estimate) as a stepping stone to human level AGI robots.

SOURCES- Tesla, Dave Lee Investing
Written by Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture (Brian owns shares of Tesla)