CALB 40GWh LFP Battery Expansion and Targets 500 GWh by 2025

China Lithium Battery Technology (CALB) has started building the thrid phase of an LFP lithium battery factory with manufacturing capacity of 40GWh and supporting assembly lines for battery modules and battery packs.

For the first stage, CALB plans to invest 5 billion yuan ($786.275 million) in 10GWh manufacturing facilities. The first phase will output a yearly production value of 8 billion yuan ($1.258 billion). The first stage is scheduled to be operational in the first quarter of 2023.

Phase 1 started at the end of 2020. March 2, 2021, was ground-breaking for the second phase. Phase 2 will have a production capacity of 10GWh per year.

CALB has raised annual power battery production capacity to 500GWh for 2025 and 1TWh by 2030.

For the first eleven months of 2021, CALB installed power battery capacity of 7.5GWh. This was up 171.7% from 2020 and represented a 5.8% share in Chinese power battery market. CALB recorded an annual power battery installed capacity of 9.05GWh for all of 2021. They installed 1.55 GWh in December 2021. In China, CALB is third in batteries. They are behind CATL and BYD.

Written by Brian Wang,

6 thoughts on “CALB 40GWh LFP Battery Expansion and Targets 500 GWh by 2025”

  1. An electric car requires a battery of about 100 kWh. So 10,000 electric cars require about a GWh of batteries. 500 GWh of batteries should be required for manufacturing about 5,000,000 electric cars.

  2. So what? It is small fry compared to the oil pollution in the Gulf and around the world. Lithium will just be seen as any other metal, a recoverable and recyclable asset.

  3. Lots of batteries will serve a second life as storage batteries. By the time that's over, they should be seen as lithium, copper, nickel, and iron ore.

  4. Lithium will be the production constraint. How much lithium carbonate will be available by 2025. Lots of new mines should come on line by then.

  5. and it appears one has not much considered the disposal of such tremendous quantities of multi-GWH battery factory production – WORLDWIDE-… your special-section landfills have seen nothing yet…

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