Kanye West is Buying Parler

Kanye West is buying Parler.

The deal is expected to close during the fourth quarter of 2022. There will be ongoing technical support from Parlement and the use of private cloud services via Parlement’s private cloud and data center infrastructure.

Elon is buying Twitter.
Trump has made Truth Social.
Peter Thiel and J.D. Vance are funding Rumble.

At the beginning of December 2021, Parler got about 1.62 million total visits, which was a drop of about 8.08% over the last 6 months. During its peak period from November 2020 through to January 2021, Parler reported having 15 million total users and about 4 million active users.

Google, Amazon and Apple shutdown access to downloads from Google Play and iTunes in 2021. Amazon suspended Amazon Web Service to Parler in 2021.

Parler, based in Nashville, was founded in 2018 by John Matze and Rebekah Mercer, the daughter of the billionaire hedge fund manager and Breitbart founder Robert Mercer.

On September 2, 2022 Parler’s app became available again on Google Play Store, after Parler reportedly agreed to moderate posts that are shown in the Android version of the app.

On September 16, 2022 Parler announced that it had restructured as Parlement Technologies, and would acquire the California-based Dynascale as part of an effort to expand into “uncancelable” internet infrastructure services.

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  1. My tribe is better than your tribe is the first cry of the fascist of either leaning. The far right and the far left have much in common. Both are served by our willingness to take sides and demonize opponents.

    • The fascist term is like a blanket bandaid used by individuals who may be ignorant of what they are stating. One characteristic of fascism is the overthrow of democracy by an authoritarian leader. Let’s do some brainstorming: Which side has a leader who recently tried to overthrow the results of a legal election? The whole canard of both sides are equivalent only demonstrates lazy thinking or an attempt to muddy the topic.

        • All Trump d Dumptie’s voting suits failed because they were based on his Big Lie. Laughter may be the only refuge left for those who can’t manage a half-*ssed argument for their feeble position.

          • The voting suits failed because they were filed by Trump, nothing else. Laughter is the only refuge left when you’re dealing with fascist extremists, period! You’ll get yours, in due time…

            • They failed because they had no legal or evidential basis from which to form a viable case for a court to review – by judges appointed by both Democrat and Republican administrations I might add so that you get just how crackpot this endeavor was.

              Not only were they all dismissed, but many of the lawyers that filed suit were later censured for wasting the courts time with fines and even disbarment.

              The courts do not take kindly to having their time wasted at the best of times – it’s not as if they have nothing better to do than deal with nuisance suits that even a 1st year law student could tell had no merit.

      • When legitimate checks like Voter ID are being labeled “Jim Crow 2.0” by a particular side, it shows who the fascists are. As a non-white person, I really don’t appreciate white leftist elites engaging in this kind of appropriation for their own selfish political ends.

        • I’m not a leftist, but you and some other commentors seem kind of snow flakey to me. Yes, how can you handle the oppression of these fascist (sic) far left, Marxists (sic) agitators? Well, stringing together a bunch of Hunter Biden (Hillary?) conspiracies along with Big Steal fantasies, may help assuage your largely imaginary injuries and injustices. Your grievances are many and heartfelt. Although you may have not come to this country in a slave boat and have, instead, the Southern slave states under your thumb – oh, and a Supreme Court ready to serve your undemocratic, no-right-to-vote treatment of minorities – nothing can truly treat your personal injury.

        • See now, you can’t have it 2 ways.

          Cultural appropriation is a very leftist point of view and here you are slagging off the left.

          It’s not even using culutral appropriation in an appropriate context as the people complaining about voter IDs are either white like those who made Jim Crow v1 happen, or they are black as Jim Crow v1 was made for in the first place.

          (I’m sure there are latinos talking about voter IDs too, but most of the talk I have heard from non white politicians has been from black politicians and civilians)

      • “The fascist term is like a blanket bandaid used by individuals who may be ignorant of what they are stating.”

        You’re like a prostitute calling a nun a “wh0re”.

        “Let’s do some brainstorming: Which side has a leader who recently tried to overthrow the results of a legal election?”

        Yeah I remember the riots in DC that took place on January 20, 2017 WHEN TRUMP WAS INAUGURATED AS PRESIDENT THAT YOU PEOPLE STARTED.

        As for January 6, while you Democrats were telling your followers to burn everything down that they can’t steal, Trump was telling the crowds attending the protest to do the exact opposite and go home and not to instigate violence. Meanwhile, our current Vice President who set up a bail fund for violent rioters, has yet to answer for her illicit activities.

        • What’s a whOre and why would a prostitute call a nun one? This is one of the most imbecilic metaphors I’ve seen in some time. Yet it works with the rest of your prattle. I can only conclude that Trump, a fat, orange buffoon, is important to your self image.

  2. Mr. Jello, the former president was deplatformed for comments that didn’t comply with the various company’s standards. Consequently, the former president founded a company where he could make various threats, disinformation, and racist remarks to his heart’s content. Everyone is welcome to pay to participate at his fever swamp!

    • twitter routinely allows many leaders and blue checkmarks to spew racist statements, esp racist comments against whites, ie,


      Aytaollah Kameinei has active twitter acct, he routinely posts anti-gay stuff, many others

      Twitter routinely censors right, or R of center views, bans “disinformation” while routinely peddling its own disinformation via Democrats , ie Hunter laptop story was “Russian disinfo”, Trump being a Russian agent, etc

      none of this has anything to do w safety or “truth”, its completely political and designed to get Democrats wins during elections.

      • “its completely political and designed to get Democrats wins during elections”

        Really the only thing you need for that is to routinely show the former president on TV.

        That’s more than enough to get all Democrats and left leaning independents to vote in droves ASAP.

        I know both Bush Jr and Reagan had obviously right wing policies but they did not spend the entirety of their administrations trying to troll liberal voters for kicks.

        Trump’s 2020 loss was a direct result of his 4 yr campaign to troll the left – any canny Republican president worth their salt can get a 2nd term as long as they don’t resort to right wing tribalism as he did, it’s just unproductive when you already have Republicans eating out of your hand.

  3. I love that the lefts grip on media is starting to weaken.
    That said, Rumble has a loooooooooooooong way to go to be a decent YouTube competitor.

  4. It’s hard to get excited about Parler after they caved to demands for censorship. The only value it ever had, after all, was its original refusal to join the censorship cartel.

    In the end, you can’t escape that cartel if you’re going to be dependent on members for services.

    The whole server based platform concept is a trap; It inherently builds in convenient choke points for censorship, leaving the only question to be who will control them. If the internet is ever going to shed the current regime of systematic censorship, it will have to be by adopting some radically decentralized, peer to peer model.

    • Yup. That’s why the CCP loves the cloudification of everything. They are just a little bit ahead of their Western peers in the violent repression of dissent part.

      Making everything work in “the cloud” (e.g. somebody else’s server) gives them a way to peek and control what everyone thinks and says.

    • Please give me some examples of censorship: Does it include limiting lies about the big steal? Satanic baby sacrifices at pizza parlors and other Q nonsense? What has got you clutching your pearls?

      • OK, that was totally unserious of you. I think everybody is aware at this point that social media were relentlessly censoring Covid information, political information, and just generally anything they didn’t want people hearing.

        Maybe you like the censorship, but don’t dare pretend it’s not going on.

        • Brett, the idea that ‘everyone’ knows that social media was relentlessly censoring covid information begs the question of what you’re talking about. What political information wss being hidden? The idea that ‘social media’ is some kind of single-minded, malicious entity also needs explaining. Finally, everyone does not hold your opinion, no matter how undefined it may be.

          • BTW: The Big Steal from 1980 to 2020 was the claim that Republicans stole the presidential elections that they won.

            From 2016 to 2020, Democrats said Trump stole the election with the help of Russian internet trolls buying ad space on Facebook….somehow. And yet NOT ONE SINGLE DEMOCRAT WAS BANNED FROM PUBLIC PLATFORMS FOR BEING AN ELECTION DENIER.

            Before that, the Big Steal(s) was both the 2000 and 2004 elections that George W Bush won. It wasn’t just the SCOTUS decision that said Al Gore couldn’t demand Florida change its election laws to allow form multiple recounts until he got the results that he wanted. Dems accuses Dubya of election fraud in Ohio… somehow. And yet NOT ONE SINGLE DEMOCRAT WAS BANNED FROM PUBLIC PLATFORMS FOR BEING AN ELECTION DENIER.

            And in 1980, Democrats accused Ronald Reagan of cutting a deal with Iran to keep the embassy hostages until after the election to make Jimmy Carter look bad, as if he wasn’t already doing it to himself. And yet NOT ONE SINGLE DEMOCRAT WAS BANNED FROM PUBLIC PLATFORMS FOR BEING AN ELECTION DENIER. And before you say there was no social media at the time, public figures who accused Reagan of making a deal with Iran were never cancelled.

            It’s not election denial that gets you in trouble, it’s speaking out against the Democratic Party narrative.

      • The people in power says those are lies and what people in power says is ALWAYS true because they would never lie.


      • John, YouTube censored at least two Republican senators in the last two years. One, I believe Ron Johnson, complained about the lack of federal funding for cheap COVID treatments. That’s it – a policy stance, mundane complaint in passing about funding. None of these outfits have transparent censorship, so they never explain why they do it, not specifically. The leftist censor there might have been thinking about ivermectin or something, but Johnson didn’t mention any treatments, much less claim that something worked.

        Sen. Rand Paul was censored for saying or suggesting that cloth masks don’t reduce COVID spread in the real world, and maybe something more nuanced about the lack of scientific evidence for the same in a separate video. Note we don’t know if any type of mask reduces COVID spread in the real world, because we haven’t bothered to find out by running trials. All we’ve got are the Danish trial (no effect of surgical masks; cloth masks not tested) and the Bangladesh mosque pseudo-trial (claimed significant effect of surgical masks; non-significant effect of cloth masks). (At the time, all we had was the Danish trial, and some arguably useless correlational studies comparing states, and some definitely useless lab studies of droplet capture, but not of cloth masks.)

        Amazingly, Politfact “fact checked” Paul’s claim by quoting a maniacal leftist MD in Minnesota. Just a random MD (Paul is also an MD). They called him an “expert”. Leftists have a stunningly lazy authoritarian epistemology around “experts” randomly knowing the answers to whatever question someone might have, and where just quoting one random “expert’s” opinion out of a pool of a thousand or more equivalent people makes something “false”. In this case, there’s the separate chunky issue that they don’t know that the experts on a scientific question are the scientists who research that question – there’s no one else, especially for anything new. Random doctors are not experts on all things biomedical, and I think people in general vastly overestimate the roll-out-of-bed expertise of a doctor and what’s actually taught in medical schools. This guy (Mark R. Schleiss) is basically just a Twitter maniac who had already called on two different Republican politicians to resign within a couple of weeks of lending his expertise to Politifact. No joke. He calls them liars with abandon, proclaims that if you “love democracy, you support vaccine mandates” (even now, at least last week…), retweets the question of why the governor of Massachusetts “hates children and science”. He’s just a random pediatrician in Minnesota – the only way the Politifact activist could’ve known about him is his persona as an unhinged partisan leftist on Twitter.

        Lately, we’re seeing a fundamentally new development – censorship of new peer-reviewed scientific papers by lay leftist “fact checkers” who do the thing I mentioned above. They don’t read the paper, and they’re too stupid to do fact checking in general. They just email a leftist academic or two and quote their opinions. They tag the paper as false or sometimes “missing context”, and it gets censored by Facebook and other platforms. Brand new science. They generally do this to anything negatively valenced about the COVID vaccines, and also to climate science (one amazing example argued for larger estimates of solar forcing in the Northern Hemisphere; in that case, no one was quoted – the leftist just asserted it was false because scientists already know everything they need to know about solar forcing, and made stunning mistakes specifically due to his not reading the paper he claimed was false. That site is Climate Feedback.)

        Example: Try posting this on Facebook and see the flag, and what they’ll do to your future post visibility if you don’t delete it. https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-022-10928-z

        Here’s one of the two “fact checks” disproving this peer-reviewed publication: https://www.thip.media/health-news-fact-check/fact-check-did-israel-see-increased-covid-related-emergency-cardiovascular-events/30899/

        You should be able to determine that the fact checker is a moron without reading the paper. Also note that it’s not possible to know if a scientific paper is falsified by a “fact check” written in such a manner, and may not be possible at all without reading the paper.

        There are tons more examples. Leftists are fully pro-censorship at every level, every context. Their war on “misinformation” is just a censorship campaign by people who are extremely incompetent at identifying misinformation, facts, falsehoods, and who lack a basic epistemic framework for navigating reality, science, etc.

      • 1. deplatforming sitting president in late 2020 from FB/Twatter/etc.
        2. marking observations regarding lethality of coldvid and efficacy of associated gene therapy injection as disinformation subject to ‘fact check’ on various SM platforms.
        3. freezing various go-fund-me campaigns assisting defense in litigation (truck convoy)

        list goes on… I’m too busy working to do a deep dive.

        • twitter censored a bona fide story re Hunter Biden and Joe Biden’s connections to massive corruption deals, calling it “Russian disinfo”

          this censorship helped Democrats win the 2020 election

          it was obvious and gross election interference.

          • They even banned the New York Post for publishing the story in the first place. And worse, it was a story that was found to be true.

      • John, the media never divulges the substance of those school issues. Just look at the books — hardly anyone will agree that they belong in an elementary school library. They’re transgender sexual books in some cases, which is a wildly inappropriate topic for kids. The materials from the Portland school district say that white Europeans brought their gender ideology with them and forced it on the natives, the “gender binary” and all that. They repeatedly assert, falsely, that “indigenous” and brown people had some sort of transgender or “gender-fluid” culture or abstractions that was erased by white people. That would be news to historians and archaeologists. So there we’re seeing wildly false fabrications, and a persistent demonization of white people as basically homo oppressor.

        That was all Grades 1-3. The slides are up at Chris Rufo’s site. They persistently indoctrinate the kids in transgender ideology and conjecture, but present it as fact, as though we’ve discovered some huge new things about human nature and human psychology very recently. They also abandon the gender/sex distinction that I thought was important to leftist academics, and lie to the kids about the only difference between males and females being genitalia. They actually have cartoon drawings where they make the bodies identical (which they won’t be after they’ve grown up, with hips, shoulders, breasts, and other morphology) and want kids to point out the anus and penis. They’re labeled “People with penises” and “People with vulvas”, and they’re trying to eliminate standard English. They also make the kids choose “pronouns”, which will of course bias them toward choosing idiosyncratic pronouns compared to a sane default condition of not having kids choose pronouns or talk about this nonsense. The whole effort will surely maximize the number of kids who discover that they’re trans, and doctors really are castrating, sterilizing, cutting off breasts, etc. of children. That I cannot explain, did not comprehend, and avoided checking for a couple of years. I’m a social psychologist, and it’s clear that no one actually discovered anything, and the methods of academic research psychology aren’t nearly sophisticated and rigorous enough to discover something like a latent “transgender” “identity”, much less one that would permit cutting parts off kids.

        That’s mostly what conservatives are fighting — the indoctrination in this two day old insane ideology, and the chop-chop butchery. It’s insane. It will be understood as insane by humans worldwide, across cultures, especially non-Western. Even the non-English speaking West seems to be coming to its senses (as they did with COVID vaccine risks — I had no idea the Nordic countries had already acted on the risks for young men a year ago, and didn’t recommend or push the vaccines for kids). There is something very wrong with the American left, its constructs and abstractions, its long propensity for sweeping assertions, its crude authoritarian epistemology, all the false claims and the otherwordly neuroticism. The media never actually discloses what these school indoctrination battles are about, never reveal the content of anything, just tag it as “culture wars” and present conservatives as hicks and bigots. You won’t have any chance of accurate belief formation, or broad information, if you only go to leftist media outlets. The bias is too severe at this point — I wouldn’t know anything if I only went to junky sites like the New York Times or CNN. Maybe back in 2005 or something, but not now.

        Actual book bans come from the left. Amazon banned the “When Harry Became Sally” book, a critique of leftist trans ideology from both secular and Catholic perspectives. They didn’t even tell the author or publisher, just banned after two years and lots of sales. Leftists never explain until forced, and when some senators got on them Amazon said they won’t allow books that link transgenderism to mental illness. That’s stunning. Did Amazon discover both that no link exists, and how to prove negatives generally? The psychiatry literature is full of research linking transgenderism or gender dysphoria to various mental illnesses, in various ways, so I have no idea what Amazon is thinking other than they’ve been co-opted by this amazingly Orwellian cult. There’s a huge difference in not being able to sell a philosophical argument against this new leftist sub-ideology (or any ideology), to adults generally, not that it matters, and not being able to place a graphic sexual “children’s book” pushing transgender ideology in an elementary school library, especially one attended by kids of parents/taxpayers who absolutely do not agree with this ideology or with sexual content in the school library.

    • The peer to peer way can be made easily enough,

      There is a free program called resilio that syncs folders between computers.
      So you have your folder, and put your manifesto in it, it will pop up in all you friends pc/mac/android devices.
      Any IT guy should then be able to write a program, that looks in these folders (dir -r) and creates a html page or something to present the content to you.
      A more advanced version of said program will let you post comments.

      256 bit encryption and peer to peer. Safe, unstoppable, ad free, with no awful algorithm pulling strings in your brain.

    • Gab did it correctly by self hosting every piece of infra

      they have their own marketplace, encrypted chat, video platform, browser w Tor, etc

      the biggest problem w Gab is its full of actual blood and earth racists, its an echo chamber

    • Whole internet can’t run peer-to-peer, it’s just not efficient enough. Some parts of the internet can adopt peer-to-peer, in order to escape censorship. Legislation and regulation are the real key needs here, as not everything can work through technological bandaids like peer-to-peer.

  5. When Parler announced it would have a neutered version for compatibility with far-left extremist platforms like Apple and Google I new it was dead as a free speech platform.

    There are two types of social media these days: one’s which bow to the uber Marxists and those made up of the fringe groups expelled by the uber Marxists.

    Parler is both of them.

  6. The global Fascist movement had plenty of communications channels otherwise, it’s not going to change things much despite more delight from Trump and Putin supporters.

    • Ah, yes, the Fascists: “Everything in the State, nothing outside the State, nothing against the State.” That sounds just like Trump.

      Although it does sound like Putin.

      • Trump supporters are deliberately obtuse about the obviously Fascist nature of their movement and it’s global connections. Fascism was always like this. Every nations Fascist movement is about’s nationalist mythology, symbols, religion – so they can pretend to be different. The only missing piece is Trump hasn’t seized power yet.

        “Everything in the State, nothing outside the State, nothing against the State.” Would immediately become the Trumpist motto – the moment Trump BECOMES THE STATE. Like the Nazis in Munich, he made a sloppy first attempt. We can’t afford to win this debate by seeing Trumpist American Fascism in full flower – just so we can say I told you so on the way to the gas chambers.

    • Joe Biden declared war everyone in this country who wouldn’t vote for him and he’s the champion of the democratic process but Trump is the real fascist?!?

      Only Hunter Biden calling a devout Mormon who never even tried caffeine let alone use any sort of recreational drug an “addict” while chain-smoking crack rock has more cognitive dissonance than this post.

  7. *Cue huge amounts of angst, dismay and pearl clutching from the lefty crowd*.

    But in fact and given the far left has wormed in most mainstream media already, making pass their opinions as facts, the right is just following the same old and tried recipe.

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