Tesla Increasing Texas Model Y Production While VW and Ford Cut Back

Tesla will shutdown the Giga Texas Model Y production lines in July, 2023 for give days to improve the Model Y production lines and increase production. Tesla Texas production is currently 5000 cars per week. Tesla will shift some of its workers from the Model Y to support the start of Cybertruck production.

Giga Texas is switching away from swing shifts, instead going to Day and Night shifts only. This will take into effect after the production line upgrades are completed. This seems to be a very popular change with employees.

Expect an initial short-term decline in Model Y production rate after the upgrades. This is to allow employees to be trained & become familiar with the revised production lines, equipment, & layouts, then rapidly recover.

After this short period, expect production rate to increase (more Model Yโ€™s can be produces per unit of time) โ€ฆ uncertain what the increased production weekly rates will be, but higher than the recent 5K Model Yโ€™s per week rate Giga Texas achieved.

Personnel who were formerly on the swing shift are being redirected to the Cybertruck production lines to finalize testing, calibration & get the lines into production status. This will likely take place throughout July and into early August.

Ford Laysoff 1000 Employees

Ford has plans to fire at least 1,000 salaried and contract workers. This is to save about a billion dollars which is being invested into the transition to electric vehicles. The layoffs will be in the engineering, gas-engine and commercial-vehicle divisions.

Volkswagen Reducing EV Production by 30%

Volkswagen is reducing output of electric cars at its Emden plant in northern Germany due to a drop of about 30% in expected EV sales.

Production of the ID4 full-electric SUV and the brand’s new ID7 all-electric sedan will be cut over the next two weeks, the Nordwest-Zeitung newspaper reported, citing the factory’s works council.

The plant’s three-week summer vacation will be extended by one week for a week for employees working on electric cars and about 300 of the 1,500 temporary workers currently employed in Emden will be laid off from August.

Demand for electric cars built in Emden is nearly 30 percent below the originally planned production figures, the head of the factory’s works council, Manfred Wulff, told the Nordwest-Zeitung.

VW hopes that ID7 sales will be strong toward the end of 2023.

April, 2023 saw around 197,000 plug-in vehicles registered in Europe, which is up 25% year on year.

VWโ€™s ID.4 jumped to the runner-up spot in April with 6,682 registrations. Manufacturing sites in the US and Germany adding additional volume to the original plant in Zwickau. The ID.4โ€™s main markets were Germany (2,203 registrations), followed by the UK (620 registrations), Norway (602 registrations), and Sweden (661 registrations).

The Tesla Model Y lead the overall market for the sixth month in a row, gathering 10,778 European registrations in April.

In the first four months of 2023, the Tesla Model Y recorded three times as many deliveries in Europe as the runner-up, the Volvo XC40.

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      • They are going to have to stop winning before they can start losing. The shorts keep taking it in the shorts and the skeptics keep being made Elonโ€™s bitch.

  1. Are the VW firings due to German made ID4’s no longer qualifying for US EV credits?

    I know that when the new EV credit rules came in to play that Audi nuked their US EV offerings as they were all made in Germany. Fortunately VW has one plant in the US making ID4s.

  2. Germans are intent on increasing C02 levels, closing nuclear plants and giving business to China,ie Teslas, a country that builds a new coal plant every other day.
    Why do you refuse to acknowledge that GHG levels are going up, not down?

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