Scaling SuperAI and Energy Transformation to Enable the Superabundant Future

Tony Seba describes the cost charts where supercheap electric cars become dominant. He observes that $11500 non-subsidized electric cars with over 300 kilometers of range exist now in the form of the BYD Seal.

There needs to be more production expansion for electric cars to reach 80+% of all new cars and then to expand and displace the fleet of used cars and trucks.

80+% of China new cars will be EVs by 2025-2026. This will be followed two years later in Europe and then two years after that in the US and the rest of the world. The US has more large trucks and SUVs which will need Cybertruck, Cybervan and CyberSUVs to displace the gasoline trucks. The batteries have to scale from about 1 TWh per year to 6-10 TWh per year.

The software for AGI will exist but again there will need to be physical scaling. There will need to be more Nvidia and other AI chip production, construction of AI data centers and more energy production to support the widescale usage of AGI.