XAI Grok 1.5 in a Few Weeks and XAI MidJourney Partnership Talks

An upgraded version of X.AI Grok will be released in a couple of weeks.

XAI is in talks with Midjourney for AI generated images and videos.

6 thoughts on “XAI Grok 1.5 in a Few Weeks and XAI MidJourney Partnership Talks”

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      Absolutley not! Like a good Stasi agent it lets the thought police know that you should be brought in for questioning the moment you type in a question that contains forbidden character sequences. The only isnsults that are allowed are insults to the majority.

      • Oh thank god, as a straight while male, I thought we would have somewhere that we weren’t constantly being vilified…but thanks for reassuring me. I’ll sleep peacefully tonight.

      • What counts as an insult?
        As I’ve heard, in some circles, for a lesbian to say “I’m not interested in sex with anyone with a penis.” is horrible prejudice against men who think they are women.
        Just the way I wrote that would be considered a vicious insult in those circles.

    • If it will offend you, then do not use it… problem solved.
      Yes, free speech allows insults and often hurts peoples feelings.
      You have the right not to listen to other’s free speech.
      In a democracy you need to accept that idea that others can have ‘wrong thoughts’ AND they can express these ideas to others.
      I know this makes many feel ‘unsafe’.
      Benjamin Franklin expressed it best:
      “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

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