XAI and X Will Release Grok 2 Next Week and It is Claimed to Surpass GPT4 and Claude 3

Elon says Grok 2 should exceed current AI on all metrics. Grok 2 is in training now.

Here are the specs for Claude 3 from Anthropic and GPT4 from OpenAI.

27 thoughts on “XAI and X Will Release Grok 2 Next Week and It is Claimed to Surpass GPT4 and Claude 3”

  1. Per his link, I’m pretty sure he’s saying that Grok 1.5 is coming out next week and Grok 2 is still in training, but that it will surpass all current models (according to him)

    • you probably need to customise your own m model with appropriate training data. pick the best model correctly and add your own training data sets.

  2. Elmo, Coast 2 Coast on FSD when? Didn’t this jerk promise full autonomy in 2 years back in 2015?

    As for Grok 2, training on GPT4 outputs? What an innovation.

  3. Meh. Upcoming Supercomputer ‘stagate’ from Microsoft and OpenAI will host X x 10^6 GPUs and use the equivalent power of a small town – likely hardware cost $75B. It will be more than AI – it will be a superColony.

  4. I can see my Tesla car being used as a distributed ai node while parked on my drive, which is 80% of the time. Not sure how I feel about that.

  5. If it bests the champions, Elon found himself another big revenue stream.

    Paying for X is worthless. Paying for an assistant that can make all kinds of things for you isn’t.

  6. Wow, I’d be impressed if it could best both GPT-4 & Claude.
    Of course, whoever holds the crown, it’ll likely be short lived, once OpenAI release GPT-5 this summer, they take back the crown.

  7. OK, but chat gpt 5 is due in oct-nov, so groks rein will be short lived, if it is better than gpt-4

    • Not necessarily; Musk isn’t the proverbial lazy hare, after all. He’s not going to release this product and then stop there.

      And he might just have a fundamental advantage over the competition, if he isn’t wasting half the power of the model by ordering it to avoid offending 0.01% of the population…

      • Try 70% of the population. Who wants their adds associated with Musk’s far right conspiracy theories?

        • How much of the population is actually offended by, say, pictures of British kings not being of diverse race and gender?

          • Sounds like a problem that will be fixed shortly. Once ai can tell the difference between ‘reality’ and ‘fantasy’. hmmm- might take awhile for that to happen.

            Does anyone have a problem with entertainment playing with diverse casts? Like those showing London in past times with todays diversity? If so, why?

            • I have a problem.

              It paints a false image of what was actually the case. And then that’s what people will believe the world was like. People will not even know why they believe that the Viking society contained female African “Jarls” and Asian drug dealers, they will just remember the images, not anything that was in a textbook.

              Not to mention the transplanted social issues of equality on past epochs. Truth is, men and women were fighting back to back against starvation. Absolutely no time for “injustices”…

              Sometimes it’s just ludicrous.. Sense and sensibility set with half the lordship as mixed couples… But in the end, that is what people will believe that early 19:th century England was like..

      • I would like to you to be right and there is probably some advantage when not having to stymie your model to satisfy the left, but there are two major reasons why I have a hard time believing that grok 3 could beat ChatGPT by October.
        Number of gpu’s
        Tesla has bought about 15000 H100, whereas Microsoft has bought 150000. So there is a factor of 10 in favour of ChatGPT. And its training now..
        Architectural / training innovations. Apparently, Q*. , whatever it is, is so effective that Sam Altman is considering releasing a watered down version of it just not to shock the world. That would mean that he is not at all worried about the competition.

    • Xai has been founded in march 2023. The next bottle neck will be transformers and electricity availability. Elon Musk has been anticipating this and I believe with Tesla’s expertise they’ll be the faster to resolve those bottle necks.

      • Not to rain on your parade, but with the B100 it would seem that NVIDIA has surpassed Tesla’s energy efficiency goals for even Dojo 2, ie the training computer that is still on the drawing board…

      • this is the man that claimed to be the best manufacturer on the planet, bar none … and then gave us cyber truck 😂😂

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