October 05, 2015

Current Review of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions aka Cold Fusion by the US Naval Sea Systems Command

The US Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) of the U.S. Navy has released a report regarding LENR (aka Cold Fusion) and its potential applications

Rossi 1 Megawatt LENR Plant

* Original version ~100 10 kW. Ecats in std. 20 ft. ship container.
* More recent version uses four 250 kW reactors.
* Completed over 200 days of 400 day test @ US customer factory.
* Heat is now being used by customer for mfg. operations.
* Performance report expected around Feb-Mar., 2016.
* C.O.P. (Pout /Pin) typically varies between 20 and 80

LENR Companies

1. Industrial Heat (Andrea Rossi)
2. Nanortech (Mitchell Swartz)
3. Brillouin Energy (Robert Godes)
4. LENR Cars (Nicholas Chauvin)
5. Lattice Energy (Lewis Larsen)
6. Lennuco (George Miley)
7. Nichenergy (Francesco Piantelli)
8. Hope Cell Technologies (Robert Vancina)
9. Lightstone Technologies
10. Defkalion Green Technologies (seems to be defunct since Jan)

Nanortech, Inc.

Product: The NANOR (Dr. Mitchell Swartz)
Structure: two terminal quantum electronic component with Pd nanoparticles embedded in ZrO2
insulating matrix, preloaded with deuterium, and energized by applying ~ 1 kV between the terminals.

* Good reproducibility and controllability.
* Reports existence of optimum operating points for LENR reactors.
* Measured power densities (20 W/g) within factor of 2 of Rossi.

Has publicly demonstrated extended operation.
Performance report expected around Feb-Mar., 2016.
Peak C.O.P. (Pout /Pin) = 22-80 (JCMNS 15, pgs. 66-80).
Source: ecat-thenewfire.com, 7/2/2015

Brillouin Energy, Inc.

Products: WET TM boiler, Hydrogen Hot Tube TM (Robert Godes)
Basis: nickel catalyst + hydrogen + electronic excitation causes controlled electron capture reaction, forming 4He and releasing
thermal energy.
Proposed mechanism: heavy electron is captured by hydrogen nucleus, converting it into a neutron.....
Some similarities to W-L, but also significant differences.
Business target market: industrial boiler replacement market.
Good reproducibility and controllability.
Source: Brillouin Website: brillouinenergy.co

• Low Energy Nuclear Reactions appear to be real; are probably attributable to something like nuclear fusion. BUT ...
• Presence of lattice profoundly affects results; little prompt radiation...
● Multiple labs observed excess heat, elemental transmutations, soft X-ray emission, 4He generation commensurate with heat, tritium production, occasional MeV neutron emission, and RF emission in the HF and mm wave bands.
• SPAWAR, and JWK Internat. and others all observed 100% repeatability.
• Rossi Hotcat tested by 3rd party academic group; 1.5x10^6 Watt-hours excess thermal energy over 32 day continuous run + isotope shifts.
• Hotcat has been duplicated by Profs. A. Parkhomov (Moscow) & Jiang* (PRC).
• Commercial products (1 MW plant) now being tested, customer location.
• E-cats in 1 MW plant were still running on initial fuel charge at 4 months, COP varies between 20 and 80 in self-sustain mode.
• Multiple entrepreneurs now developing products for market.
• Ten LENR patents actually granted worldwide during past 5 years, 5 by USPTO.
• Plans exist to build LENR propulsion systems into vehicles for sale to public.
• NASA plans to use LENR thrusters in deep-space probes.

SOURCES - brillouinenergy.co, ecat-thenewfire.com, US Naval Sea Systems Command (Louis F. DeChiaro, Ph.D), LENR Forum

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