Two-mode hybrid from GM, BMW, DaimlerChrysler

DM, BMW and Daimlerchrysler are working and investing together to catch up in hybrid technology. The new two-mode hybrid that they will rollout provides 25% fuel efficiency gain for the big SUVs and cars that they make. Current hybrids are not good for staying efficient and towing or moving heavy loads or vehicles. The goal is clearly to provide more efficiency with the money making big vehicles that people have been buying. If the transmission works as promised, the 25 percent gain in fuel economy would let GM SUVs, such as the 2,720kg Chevrolet Tahoe, get about 26 miles per gallon (9 liters per 100km) in combined city/highway driving. That would likely be enough to keep GM ahead of any US-government-imposed increases in corporate average fuel economy.