Aero modding car customization for high mileage

Basjoos modified the body of his 1992 honda civic so that it gets 95 mpg at 65 mph

Cargo area inside boatail, extending the interior of the car into the boattail added 20cu ft to the interior space. Also there is a hidden compartment under the new load floor in the boattail.

The front of the aerocivic. Side view of nose, front wheel spoiler, and front wheel well skirt (nose and skirt are now aluminum sheet, spoiler is still coroplast)

Basjoos has spent about 250 hours and a materials cost of about $400 spread out over the past 2 years. It has paid for itself in fuel savings several times over. He plans to replace most of the body with aluminum sheets.

He has the aerodynamic front, wheel wells, underbody and rear. The side rear view mirrors have been moved inside.

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