Titanium Manufacturing With Eight Times Lower Cost

Finished Titanium parts from Titanium Hydride can be over 8 times cheaper than regular titanium manufacturing. ($25/lb versus $213/lb)

A titanium powder developed during a DOE/GIPP project appears to produce a product with mechanical properties sufficient for a propulsion application from a very low-cost press and sinter process

* Could replace costly ingot processed forgings
– Eliminates yield loss associated with ingot forging
– Greater than 50% cost reduction predicted from yield savings alone
* Unique properties are developed during sintering of TiH2
– High density –critical to fatigue initiation
– Fine-grain size –import to reduce fatigue crack propagation

* Cummins Inc. has identified a relevant application using the Ti6Al4V alloy and provided the requirements to adequately assess the performance of the press/sinter/forged bars produced from TiH2

Test bars are to be fabricated at the commercialization partner of the DOE/GIPP project, ADMA Products Inc. ADMA has been producing approximately 35,000 lbs of TiH2powder per year in the Ukraine.